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Meet the Kittens of Cat Girl Manor

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My video would have been way longer, but I had some technical difficulties. It's a good clip anyways, so enjoy! Stay tuned for the clip coming up in a few days! Jessica poses her plaster LAC and legs on the couch after a fun night. Sit across the desk from Jessica Lynn while checking out her worn arm casts, legs, and high heels. She's looking very professional and sexy in a short dress with heels. Before long, Jessica realizes you're fixated on her casts and takes full advantage! Then we follow her with a hidden cam as she crutches at a home improvement store, grabs some groceries, and takes a break at a coffee shop. She in a red LLC posing nude in an office building. Stay tuned for more! She says the red cast is med from a high ankle sprain and she's been showing it off everywhere she goes. I think you'll agree that this is one lucky teddy bear! This is a super hot clip! The best gallery is yet to come, plus stay tuned for an awesome clip. She's looking super hot in her dress and glasses! You've got a perfect view of Scarlett trying to get comfortable in her cast on the couch as she stretches and moves her legs and toes. Check out Scarlett looking super hot in this pic gallery. Here's more hot pictures of Jessica posing indoors. She hops at the studio and then we head out for public crutching. Back at the studio, she changes clothes. She's also wearing a high heel boot and a big sock over her cast about half the time. First we head out to a bridge that goes over state lines for some public crutching footage. Jessica is wearing a mic so you can hear everything she says and she is very talkative. Later, she hops around making a sandwich and sits down for a little sock play. She was a lot of fun, so let me know if you want to see more of her. Check out these pictures we took out in public and stay tuned for one more hot gallery. The cast is short on the foot, so the ball of her foot is showing, which makes for some great shots from behind. Stay tuned for an awesome crutching clip coming up soon! Just like in the clip, Victoria is now on the bed in two plaster SLCs and pointing at her casts as she tells you to worship them! Her LE clip expires tonight! She's in a thick plaster SLC with the entire ball of her foot showing. Victoria agrees to let you come over and do things around the house for her, but that turns out to be a disaster. You just make things worse by constantly bumping into and dropping things on her cast. It's so bad, she kicks you out. A month or so later, she forgives you for that and agrees to let you take her bowling. Cut to later and she's in another plaster SLC because you dropped a bowling ball on her other foot. At this point, Victoria wants you to rub and worship her feet to make it up to her. And of course, you do! She comes over on her skateboard to show it off. Angel is alseep at first and then wakes up to pose with her cast. She seems disappointed that it's probably not broken, but you offer to take her to get an X-ray. Next week she's back over in a plaster LAC and she wants you to be the first to sign it. Later, it's week four and you find her still asleep in bed, so you sneak into the bedroom for a closer look at her very worn LAC. Then, at the end of week 5, Angel comes over on her skateboard to hang out and talk about her LAC, how jealous she was of Victoria's casts, and how much her LAC smells. Finally, she comes over after the cast change in a blue fiber SAC and talks about how she wants you to cast her next time. She really liked her LLWC and the ability to walk on it. She lays on her excercise mat and does some exercises before heading back inside. She had mentioned always wanting a cast and so I asked her about it on film. Not wearing makeup, Jessica does some very sexy poses on the bed. Don't miss this huge gallery or the matching clip expiring tomorrow! Log in now to check out these 90 great pics. You were the first person to sign her cast. You can't take your eyes off her cast or her toes and she notices. She lets you ask her three questions by writing them on the cast. You ask her to spend the night as she says yes, but first she has you watch you in her cast for a while. Next, you wake up in bed next to her three weeks later. She's wearing nothing but her plaster cast and it's absolutely filthy and covered in signatures. She's dressed for a workout in short shorts and an LLWC, which she really liked. Jessica's plaster LLC is three weeks old and up until now she's only let one person sign it. I wonder what it will look like at the six week mark? Here's a spoiler on our next clip There are some real gems in this gallery, so check it out! Scarlette crutches around the apartment, hops around the kitchen, makes her way up the stairs and takes plenty of time to rest her leg and wiggle her toes. This is only the second time she's modeled, but I think you'll agree that she's very good at it! She started changing for pictures and after about a minute, I said "I should be filming this" and she agreed. So, after struggling to change clothes, she paints her toe nails and struggles to drink some water. Unfortunately the pizza guy never showed up. As you can see, things get hot in this set. Ayn is a new model with a great attitude that had a blast. In her first cast shoot, she's wearing two faux term plaster LACs. Clip coming up this week. She's wearing tube socks and cast shoes and starts to take them off! She poses with crutches and starts to take her sock off. Then ponders out loud how it would be to have two SLCs and how she could make that happen. She decides that she will crutch in a high heel and just see what happens. Sure enough, she breaks her other ankle right away. Skip to around a month later and she's got two filthy, worn SLCs covered in signatures. She tells us all about what it's been like, all the attention she's been getting, and what a turn on it's been. Fetish meet

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  1. This is only the second time she's modeled, but I think you'll agree that she's very good at it!

  2. The privacy policy of our online dating community is the most safe and secure of all fetish dating sites. Not wearing makeup, Jessica does some very sexy poses on the bed. At this point, Victoria wants you to rub and worship her feet to make it up to her.

  3. The cast is short on the foot, so the ball of her foot is showing, which makes for some great shots from behind.

  4. The best gallery is yet to come, plus stay tuned for an awesome clip. Here's more hot pictures of Jessica posing indoors. He flipply tells Anderson that his fetish grew from an incident as a child.

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