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List of fantasy films of the s Following the advent of sound films , audiences of all ages were introduced from 's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to 's The Wizard of Oz. Also notable of the era, the iconic film King Kong borrows heavily from the Lost World subgenre of fantasy fiction as does such films as the adaptation of H. Rider Haggard's novel She about an African expedition that discovers an immortal queen known as Ayesha "She who must be obeyed". Frank Capra 's picture Lost Horizon transported audiences to the Himalayan fantasy kingdom of Shangri-La , where the residents magically never age. Other noteworthy fantasy films of the 30s include Tarzan the Ape Man in starring Johnny Weissmuller starting a successful series of talking pictures based on the fantasy-adventure novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs and the G. Pabst directed The Mistress of Atlantis from List of fantasy films of the s The s then saw several full-color fantasy films produced by Alexander Korda , including The Thief of Bagdad , a film on par with The Wizard of Oz, and Jungle Book In , Jean Cocteau 's classic adaptation of Beauty and the Beast won praise for its surreal elements and for transcending the boundaries of the fairy tale genre. Sinbad the Sailor , starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Several other pictures featuring supernatural encounters and aspects of Bangsian fantasy were produced in the s during World War II. Because these movies do not feature elements common to high fantasy or sword and sorcery pictures, some modern critics do not consider them to be examples of the fantasy genre. T , the latter penned by Dr. Jean Cocteau's Orphic Trilogy , begun in and completed in , is based on Greek mythology and could be classified either as fantasy or surrealist film, depending on how the boundaries between these genres are drawn. Russian fantasy director Aleksandr Ptushko created three mythological epics from Russian fairytales, Sadko , Ilya Muromets , and Sampo Japanese director Kenji Mizoguchi 's film Ugetsu Monogatari draws on Japanese classical ghost stories of love and betrayal. Disney's animated film Alice in Wonderland is also a fantasy classic. There were also a number of lower budget fantasies produced in the s, typically based on Greek or Arabian legend. The most notable of these may be 's The 7th Voyage of Sinbad , featuring special effects by Ray Harryhausen and music by Bernard Herrmann. List of fantasy films of the s Harryhausen worked on a series of fantasy films in the s, most importantly Jason and the Argonauts Many critics have identified this film as Harryhausen's masterwork for its stop-motion animated statues, skeletons, harpies , hydra , and other mythological creatures. Other Harryhausen fantasy and science fantasy collaborations from the decade include the adaptation of Jules Verne 's Mysterious Island , the critically panned One Million Years B. Capitalising on the success of the sword and sandal genre several Italian B-movies based on classical myth were made, including the Maciste series. Otherwise, the s were almost entirely devoid of fantasy films. The fantasy picture 7 Faces of Dr. Lao , in which Tony Randall portrayed several characters from Greek mythology, was released in But the adaptation of the Broadway musical Camelot removed most of the fantasy elements from T. White 's classic The Once and Future King , on which the musical had been based. The s also saw a new adaption of Haggard's She in starring Ursula Andress as the immortal "She who must be obeyed" and was followed by a sequel in The Vengeance of She based loosely on the novel Ayesha: List of fantasy films of the s Fantasy elements of Arthurian legend were again featured, albeit absurdly, in 's Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Harryhausen also returned to the silver screen in the s with two additional Sinbad fantasies, The Golden Voyage of Sinbad and Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger The animated movie Wizards had limited success at the box office but achieved status as a cult film. There was also The Noah which was never released theatrically but became a cult favorite when it was finally released on DVD in Some would consider 's Oh God! Jordan not 's Heaven Can Wait. List of fantasy films of the s 's fantasy films were initially characterised by directors finding a new spin on established mythologies. Ray Harryhausen brought the monsters of Greek legends to life in Clash of the Titans while Arthurian lore returned to the screen in John Boorman 's Excalibur. Films such as Ridley Scott 's Legend and Terry Gilliam 's — trilogy of fantasy epics Time Bandits , Brazil , and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen explored a new artist-driven style featuring surrealist imagery and thought-provoking plots. The modern sword and sorcery boom began around the same time with 's Conan the Barbarian followed by Krull and Fire and Ice in , as well as a boom in fairy tale -like fantasy films such as Ladyhawke , The Princess Bride , and Willow The 80s also started a trend in mixing modern settings and action movie effects with exotic fantasy-like concepts. Big Trouble in Little China , directed by John Carpenter and starring Kurt Russell , combined humor, martial arts and classic Chinese folklore in a modern Chinatown setting. Highlander , a film about immortal Scottish swordsmen, was released the same year. Fantisy sex

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