Ethan hawke beard. Ethan Hawke stares lovingly at wife Ryan as they enjoy romantic sunshine stroll in New York.

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Ethan hawke beard

He could not understand why it was happening to him, but he forgot he was the one who started the whole deleting process in the 1st place and everyone else was just imitating his behaviour. Also, that kind of Paradox, if possible, would be the result of experimentation and not something that happened naturally. Trevor Streeton Mr Robertson seemed the same age at every point in the loop, so in his propertime, he was manipulating across decades all in a day or week. HIS story needs to be told. Did the loop always exist or was it created? How would one even start such an enterprise? What if it was all a lie? All the deaths were terror acts. The time travel was real but there were several temporally distinct clones of Robertson. Robertson was Al Qaeda. Simply sending John back to impregnate Jane just creates a baby. But the baby would not be Jane, but a new person. If you took the baby back to , you would find Jane was already there too, since the two are not the same person. If you swapped the two, the replacement would be genetically identical, and in the same environment might grow up in a similar but not identical way, but what would be the point? You already have the original there. If there was an original Jane, born of two ordinary people and you need Jane to be pregnant with herself in the scenario you suppose — How do you create that? It always was, it always will be. Anthmt But is he so crazy at that point that he WANTS his younger self to kill him in the laundromat, because he knows it will perpetuate the cycle? He even knows exactly what to say to his younger self to provoke him into shoot him. Perhaps the Temporal Agent, also having access to a working time machine, keeps changing the day of his arrival at the laundromat, thus confusing his older self as to the day of their ultimate meeting. Meaning that the fizzle bomber knew HE killed the previous fizzle bomber as his former self, so in an effort to prevent the agent from catching him he changes the day, but the point is that regardless of whatever day the fizzle bomber chooses it could literally be any , as the best temporal agent of all time, his former self WILL find him. How is it possible? With the help of Robertson. The whole movie is about the joke. The meaning is that our entire existence is predicated on a supreme being… a state that we achieve at the end of time that is powerful enough to create the existence that we live and learn from. The character in the movie is not only the chicken and egg, but also the rooster as is pointed out in the kidnapping scene. Robertson has the same time traveling device as the agent. Comes seemingly out of nowhere in the agents life, directs their path through spacecorp, in the agency and even out of retirement. The end scene shows 13 shots in the culminating montage. Bear with me here. A hand strokes Jane as a baby in a manger. The baby Jane in a crib. Jane as a child realizing she has no past. Jane as a teen realizing her unique desires. Jane as a young adult realizing her natural talents. Jane as an adult falling in love. Jane after she was pregnant going through a sex change into John. John while working as the Unmarried Mother. John while working as a new temporal agent. John with his face blown off. John changing into the veteran agent with his new bartender face. The agent just after killing himself near the end of the movie. Essentially the zero dimension is a single point… a singularity. We just experience one dimension of our ultimate reality the 3rd, where Jane discovers SELF-LOVE which ultimately becomes their whole purpose or reason for being… hence the hand stroking the baby. The reason why you can only travel 53 years before or after that point and the time distortion field will disintegrate is because that is the timeline of the violin box itself. The time machine is from that era. Take a second… September 20th is farthest back he goes 36 years. April 3rd is furthest forward he goes 10 years. Creating time-vortexes using a violin box. Self-sustaining people who travel back in time. The Barkeep before giving birth to child-Jane. The Barkeep after giving birth to child-Jane. John after time-lapsing to Architect of the time-lapse paradox; head of the agency. Robertson facilitated the path of the fizzle bomber the terrorist representing evil because it was the only way to allow Jane to come into existence as a baby at all, considering the fact that the invention of time travel by the agency came from the fizzle bomber himself going back to and giving Robertson the time travelling device prior to the incident where he meets his demise. For proof of this try and count the number of time travelling devices there are in the film. In the same way, the fact that good can only exist if it casts a shadow of evil, Robertson did all this because the Fizzle bomber himself had always indirectly been a part of his existence. Therefore I think Robertson is the 0 shot or 0 dimension or ultimate key. Ultimately it was Robertson and his Love for his only begotten child and creation that he gave up for his humane agency. The vet agent answers: Also too how the brothers who directed it extrapolated no doubt. The fulfillment of nothingness, yet parturition of gratification. The good created the evil. The suffering allowed for the love. But there are other lines that are contradictory to it. Maybe the fizzle bomber had ideas for what they could do tomorrow, instead of knowing. Nikko Chunn Yes, of course that is what is occurring. The truth or nature of the movie is, ironically in such a complex film, a love story that is doomed. He cannot love her literally and he cannot stop loving her. Ignore all the hard, cold science and look upon it as one who has been heartbroken and not moved on only a few of you will know this state of mind or as a writer… He travels to avert his brokenness, not to save lives or anything so noble. The deluded killing to save lives psychosis comes after repeated discovery of being without her every time. In the end, he will travel again, because he cannot be without her… himself. And dreadfully is a strong word. Also, on another matter, I also wonder if the double sexual organs comes about from a person having sex with themself and the genetic mash-up. I also believe the film has a plot hole or two… which can happen when a short story if stretched out and exposed so fully. The article glosses over this issue as if the film is watertight. Unless of course the original narrative has only John, but it cannot as John has come about from Jane… and so on and so forth. The endless plot hole that devours itself, forever and ever. Superb film regardless… keep making films for smar people? I think he ends up semi-consciously becoming the Fizzle bomber. First, note what the bomber says to him when he walks in the laundromat: I think he weighed all the options, and realized that he wanted to see Jane again. So what was the first action by bureau? How did the loop began??? If we say the its a loop then it has to begin somewhere. It must be after invention of time travel only. Where does a circle begin? Where does it end? George I think the first hermaphrodite baby existed and continued normally as agent, changed to Ethan Hawke by using a random facial transplant and died as Fizzle bomber by his creation… Ethan Hawke. In the mean time, Ethan Hawke goes back, finds himself and RE-Recruits himself in order to send himself back to reproduce with the hermaphrodite. Then comes out the first baby born inside a time loop witch can follow the same storyline, and have the same face transplanted again, but always have to kill itself when decomissioned. The question is what did happen to the first baby. The first Baby outside the loop should have been somewhere when Ethan abbandoned the second born inside the loop. So may be the first baby was left in a different town istead of the town that the loop is going on and on. Miguel Salgado Maybe Robertson is the first baby and by that he makes up everything coolguy Wrong. If the baby was by different parents, it would have been a different person, not Jane. The point of the plot is that it is infinite. Hence the chicken and the egg. There is no first chicken or first egg. Ethan hawke beard

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  1. He gazed lovingly into her eyes as they made the most of their romantic stroll From babysitter to bride:

  2. If there was an original Jane, born of two ordinary people and you need Jane to be pregnant with herself in the scenario you suppose — How do you create that? John while working as the Unmarried Mother. Hilaria shared a sweet picture of the couple with their newborn on Instagram following the birth.

  3. Miguel Salgado Maybe Robertson is the first baby and by that he makes up everything coolguy Wrong. So may be the first baby was left in a different town istead of the town that the loop is going on and on. With the help of Robertson.

  4. Davis donned a frumpy shirt and sweater and her hair looked like she just rolled out of bed. The actor stepped out at LAX left with a full beard and messy hair. We just experience one dimension of our ultimate reality the 3rd, where Jane discovers SELF-LOVE which ultimately becomes their whole purpose or reason for being… hence the hand stroking the baby.

  5. The actor still has faint hints of the baby-faced charm that used to make ladies swoon East Village people:

  6. Essentially the zero dimension is a single point… a singularity. John while working as a new temporal agent.

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