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Emo girl makeup

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  1. They also go all-out in the accessories department, using leather chokers, corsets, lace, frills or dangling jewelry. Emo has stayed close to home when it comes to the musical influence while goth has veered off towards electronica.

  2. Now, what are the similarities between the two? Emos have more of these types of music to listen to: Emo actually stands for emotional hardcore.

  3. As far as their personalities is concerned, the aura that goths and emos resonate is somewhat similar and are usually associated with depression, cutting, darkness and more of the not-so-pleasant aspects in life. Please spread the word.

  4. Basically, both emo and goth are forms of experimental underground music and hardcore punk.

  5. Emos have more of these types of music to listen to: They also make critiques based on post-punk and punk philosophy.

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