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The most recent eHarmony free communication weekends have been split into separate events for the U. Both occur for November This is 30 days of free communication for Canadian users. Oct 1st to 10th eHarmony is having another free weekend, actually a free day event, from October 1st to October 10th This free eHarmony event is only users available to U. The event officially begin at I feel it is better to sign up before the free event begins as opposed to waiting for Friday the 1st. This is because you can still create your profile and get a general feel for the service before the free event. May as well start collecting matches as early as you can. Once they arrived at the point where they would be sending each other emails they were prompted to subscribe. Normally on the free events, you had always been able to communicate through the entire process. In this case, eHarmony has separated the U. You can see more about the U. Lately though, some of the free events are only allowing you to go through the guided communication portion of eHarmony…which means you are not able to move to the email step where you communicate as you wish. Just be aware of this possible change when signing up. The event will be available to both U. I think this is a good move: While the 4 days will go by quickly, it still gives someone who is committed the opportunity to hopefully line up a date or two. This is because the sign up process will take you some time and also by signing up early you can start to collect matches now and decide who you want to talk to. The Free Communication Weekend begins at Please note that this free event is only available to the United States. See this post for more details on this event. While eHarmony almost always refers to these events as weekends, there are actually 4 days of free communication for you to take advantage of so it is more of a free long-weekend. Generally the events begin at 12AM of the first date and end at As I am quick to repeat during these free weekends, it is best to sign up earlier rather than later. Not just for the obvious reason because you want to take advantage of the full event but also because eHarmony provides the matches you can communicate with. The last thing you want is to sign up on Friday only to receive a few matches. I also like the idea of signing up early because you can plan who you want to communicate with while you are waiting for the free weekend to arrive and trust me, these free events always go by quicker than you want them to. If you are on the fence about trying eHarmony, now is the best time to find out if it is for you. Personally, I think having an eHarmony account is worth having even if you only use it just for these free weekends. While you would have to be very lucky to find that special someone in 4 days, stranger things have happened. My wife met me using a 3-day free trial so it does happen! May Another free eHarmony weekend is upon us. Free communication events are available for both eHarmony U. S and eHarmony Canada for May When you sign up, no credit card will be required: This is the longest free event for eHarmony that I am aware of so those in Canada who are interested should consider themselves lucky! Free Communication Weekend begins at Note that while the Candians are getting a much better deal, U. Starting on March 18th and running March 21st , eHarmony users can communicate with all of their matches for free. The Free Communication Weekend officially begins at This promotion is available for both the eHarmony in the United States and also eHarmony. Remember that the communication process at eHarmony generally takes longer than at other free services so to give yourself the best opportunity you will want to start communicating on Thursday. Even sending out some communication requests Thursday morning before you head off for work could give you a big head-start on moving the communication along. For those interested in making the most of this free weekend, check out my recent post where I discuss making the most of a free trial. Good luck to all those who will be participating in the free weekend! This should actually be considered a free event since it runs 5 days instead of the more common 3 days. For those new to the free weekend, normally eHarmony allows you to create your personality profile and view other profiles but you are not permitted to communicate with anyone. On these free weekends, the entire service is at your disposal. These free weekends provide a nice way to test-drive the service and see if it meets your needs. This Free Communication Weekend officially begins at This event is open to both the US and Canada. From Wednesday December 30th to Sunday January 3rd all users will be able to communicate freely. This is only the second time in the last six months that eHarmony has provided a free event lasting more than a weekend the last time was back in October. The amount of time it takes to move through the communication process at eHarmony is much longer than with some of the standard dating services. A weekend is often simply no long enough to have substantial communication. For example, when Lavalife has a free weekend, users can ask other singles out in their first email. However, with five days to work with, finishing the communication process with a few people is within reason. If you already have an account with eHarmony, a free event is coming! Time will be of the essence even with those extra days. November eHarmony is having another free communication weekend starting at This free weekend also appears to be open to eHarmony Canada members. Over the last few months, eHarmony has had a free event at least once a month, including a free 5-day event a few weeks ago. First there was the first ever Lavalife free email weekend, then another free weekend at Chemistry. These free weekends provide everyone with a glimpse of what all the fuss is about. If not, better to sign up sooner rather than later as I suspect eHarmony is going to be seeing a massive influx of sign-ups of the next few days and being there early may increase your odds of being matched when this influx begins. October Just a quick update: Keep in mind that you can sign up before the weekend begin and you may want to because the personality test can take quite some time to fill out. September Occasionally eHarmony offers a free weekend where you can communicate with all the matches you receive. The next free weekend is this coming weekend and communication is free from September 4th to September 7th. The sign-up process at eHarmony takes longer than most dating sites because of the extensive questionnaire. Still, that extra cost can be worth it considering the level of service the site provides with its matching system. Most people never realize this though since you can sign up but never get to experience the communication process. It seemed like when I was dating online I always heard about the free weekends long after they were over. I think the best way to take advantage of the free weekends is to sign up even if you are not going to subscribe. Most others I have talked to have had better experiences getting matches so even without the free weekend I think the price is worth it. Eharmony job matching

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  1. Unfortunately, since I don't have a library of games, this option was never really an option for me. May Another free eHarmony weekend is upon us.

  2. If you only plan to vape the equivalent of a half pack a day, a small battery may be enough for you. It's a neat, streamlined system and you can get a Gamefly free trial that lasts a full month if you want to check out the service risk-free.

  3. While the 4 days will go by quickly, it still gives someone who is committed the opportunity to hopefully line up a date or two. Committing to more than a month will save you money, but this is a valid option for those who just want to try it out. Over the years, eHarmony has grown into one of the largest and most trusted dating sites online.

  4. When you sign up, no credit card will be required: But how exactly does eharmony work? While eHarmony almost always refers to these events as weekends, there are actually 4 days of free communication for you to take advantage of so it is more of a free long-weekend.

  5. For subs, the terms of payment are laid out during the subscription process, I am sorry that you found that process confusing. Be sure to use E-cig coupon codes if you buy from Halo.

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