Dreams about getting shot with a gun. The Regulus Story.

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Man with gun shot at White House entrance

Dreams about getting shot with a gun

December 19, at It does not say you have to be a member. In and , the Supreme Court issued two landmark decisions concerning the Second Amendment. In District of Columbia v. So what was that about gun nuts????? Yeah did not think so, go back to your hole and stay there. If you have no bullets, you aren't ready. The 2nd amendment says the government can NOT do that. But go back before Scalia and before the NRA started their lobbying 's — the Supreme Court, and lower courts also, said the 2nd amendment conferred on state militias a right to bear arms — but did not give individuals a right to own or carry a weapon. Chief Justice Warren Burger mocked the individual-rights theory of the amendment as "a fraud. What is a militia for? Is it necessary now that the USA has the most powerful army and weaponry in the world? Is it also necessary now that every state has its own National Guard? Does it make sense to have a citizen army made up of self-appointed soldiers who may or may not have a sound mind and who often buy into the NRA's delusional anti-government rhetoric that is so reminiscent of Timothy McVeigh's lunacy? Go back to muzzle loading. Sorry but ammo isn't protected by the 2nd Amendment. Doesn't matter how you try to spin it, it just isn't protected. You are more than welcome to go back to packing These last five words are the biggest point of argument for gun advocates. All of us could write doctorate-level dissertations on mental illness, screening processes, what to do about already-owned guns. The answer is this The politicians will talk up a storm about it, the news agencies will report it, the people will exchange ideologies about it and in the end, it will fade away as it always does. This is not the first time this argument has come up and it won't be the last. The historical context is different than what you would mean if you said the phrase currently. It does not mean interference. The second amendment was written over years ago with the purpose of defending our freedom. If our founding fathers thought that everyone should have right to bear arms they would have simply written "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Do not for get all the stabbings we have in this country. Oh yeah mexico has a zero gun tolerance. How did that work for them? December 19, at 1: This argument may have been brought up in the past and fizzled out, and it may do so again, but it's one step closer. You'll grow out of it. If you're 40 and not a conservative, you have no brain. Churchill December 19, at 1: Men could also write something different NOW and regulate the use of guns more effectively. Stop talking about these amendments as of they had been brought from space or sent by gods or something.. In dicta, the Court listed many longstanding prohibitions and restrictions on firearms possession as being consistent with the Second Amendment. You people are a trip. Get the fact before you speak or just keep quite. Do you have what it takes to be a minuteman? He was so sure too. I own several firearms. So don't call me a liberal leftist though I am far from the right. The types of "modern sporting rifles" that are avaialble today are sickening. If you can't see that then there is something wrong with you. High capacity clips, tactical foregrips, etc etc Do your country a favor, join the army, the national gaurd whatever. Do the country some good. If you need to protect your home with something more than a shotgun then you're either a drug dealer or paranoid. Either way you should not own any weapon. December 19, at 2: Thanks for the backup. Minutemen were supposed to be "ready on a minute's notice. If you don't, and insist on demonstrating your ignorance anyway, it tends to make you appear to be very foolish. Fox Mulder I believe. Scalia said specifically Handguns. Maybe you all should actually read the opinions of the court for the cases your reference. JW is also spot on on the pre Reagan era rullings of the court. That said, there is information to suggest the founding fathers meant militia to mean all people. The Senate however removed language that made that clear and instead made it fairly ambiguous. Supreme Court case Columbia vs. Heller US Look it up and quit spewing garbage And even that didn't happen until the 80's. This out of control gun culture is actually a new thing, and it's starting to look more and more like the experiment has failed. Anyone with any common sense would realize they were talking about guns as part of state militias as that's how the US military used to work back then. It was always a conglomeration of State Militias. That's how we fought the British in the Revolutionary war. They were the defacto military of the time instead of a full time Federal army. Also, the founding fathers could NEVER have envisioned the advances in firearm technology to come less than year of creating the 2nd amendments. Considering the single shot muzzle loaded gun was the standard for over years prior. If you were good you could load 3 shots in a minute and maybe hit the broad side of a barn from 50 yards. The killing efficiency of the modern firearm could never have been a consideration. And lets get beck to this story. Amanpour did not clarify that out of 11k people got killed by gun violence were school kids or Gang Bangers. She should make this clear 1st I think if you are living in populated city you do not need gun in USA and if you think you need one for safety then you are caverd. December 21, at 1: If we agree that the supreme court's ruling in re-enforced the idea that individuals should have the right to 'bear arms' but in the same ruling allowed for regulation of the sale of arms to the public, what type of 'arms' do you believe the public should have access to? Should this access be totally unrestricted or should there be a limit on what type of arms anyone from the general population should be able to attain. Not many would propose that anyone should be able to purchase a bazooka or surface to air missile, but these are arms that can be wielded by an individual. I know this seems like a sarcastic comment, but the point is that once we agree that some type of regulation on the sale of weaponry to the public is not only in accordance with the latest ruling by the supreme court on the second amendment, but a real discussion as to what type of laws and regulation may be needed to protect the general public from members of its own population can begin in earnest. I see too many people make emotional comments when it comes to guns. I personally, do not want the local police department to have a stronger fire power then the general population they have been hired or elected to protect. That being said, if the Assualt rifles come out of the public hands they need to come out of the police hands. People sometimes rationalize that normal citizens don't need that type of power. Also, so much of the debate comes from the type of weapons used and it becomes difficult to define the difference between a. Banning both is what the government would say needs to happen but they are not the same type of tool. So then the ballasitcs test comes to be. Any rifle round can be lethal. But some guns are used for hunting and some for target practice, yet the power of each bullet can be different. So how do you restrict one caliber over another. Sadly i still feel that our problemm lies in the pyche of man and not the tool in their hand. Stricter gun laws would not have changed this recent tragedy. Both the school shooting and the mall shooting occurred from mentally derranged individuals who acquired their guns illegally. If the school shooter was the son of a law enforcement official he would have still killed that parent in their sleep and used their "Service Weapon". Restricted guns, not the answer I just wish those children could come back. December 19, at 3: Dreams about getting shot with a gun

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  2. Alternatively, taking a nude selfie may represent a burst of self-confidence. Please exchange every "dumb" to a proper profanity, because dumb doesn't even begin to describe you. I don't know where you got that 8 children were killed.

  3. Alternatively, taking a nude selfie may represent a burst of self-confidence. Consider the severity of the sentencing. Release the fire of God to burn them to ashes, through aggressive and persistent prayer.

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