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Do peoples voices sound different to them

Whilst this can be frustrating for those who feel confused and would like a simple answer or some certainty, it means that the most important explanation is the one that the voice-hearer themselves finds useful. Rather than providing a dogmatic view of voice-hearing, we recognise and celebrate a festival of explanations. Whatever someone believes about their experiences, the most important thing is to find ways of dealing with that belief and finding some sense of power, control and hope within it. Whilst many people associate voice-hearing with diagnoses of schizophrenia and psychosis, research suggests that the majority of people who hear voices have no mental health issue at all. Those who become overwhelmed, distressed or struggle to cope Those who become overwhelmed, distressed or struggle to cope in some aspect of their life may receive a range of diagnoses including: When someone receives a diagnosis, this diagnosis is not necessarily for life. Many people who are part of our network have met the criteria for a diagnosis at some point in their lives — but no longer do. Diagnoses like these are a hotly contested area — with some finding that they are useful and others finding them a barrier to healing. For more information on a critical perspective on diagnoses, see: See our page on getting help for more information. The voices might enhance their wellbeing, or their experiences may simply not detract from it. For those who have particularly overwhelming experiences that lead them into the mental health services, recovery can feel like a distant dream. The good news is that people can, and do, find ways to deal with and recover from distressing voices. Perhaps more importantly, people can also recover from the situations that can make voices and visions so hard to deal with. Many people who recover continue to hear voices. Sometimes these voices change during the recovery process being an ally, rather than an attacker. Other times these voices become quieter, less intrusive or even disappear altogether. Others find that the voices stay the same, but that they are no longer ruled by them. They feel stronger and more able to choose whether to listen to the voices or not. We have witnessed many amazing journeys of recovery in the Hearing Voices Network. These journeys are, by their very nature, very individual. However, these journeys have led us to believe that no matter how overwhelmed or distressed the person is by their experiences or whatever labels they have collected throughout their time in the mental health system — recovery IS possible. I have been aware of my ability to hear voices for about eight years now. I liked your article. Thank you for your insight. HVN June 5, at Thanks for sharing your experiences. Carolyn June 6, at 4: I can choose to hear the voices or not. If I want to cut the voices off I have that option. The voices I hear can be positive and negative. I know when I hear negative spirits I can cut it off but it tells me that I need to pray to Archangel Michael to remove the negativity. Although I now know that I only let those voices come in when I have fears and so in this I am trying very hard not to let them in — think from the heart for that is love… I believe that it is God that I am speaking too. I have fears about this and try to believe that he is the person I am talking to. My life is surrounded with love and I have love in my heart so how can I not believe….. Carolyn June 11, at I hear voices… I hear my own voice, alot… and sometimes my mother…. Whether our voices are helpful, unhelpful, confusing, frightening or inspiring — we all have a lot to learn from one another. That sounds really stressful and confusing. Maybe others on here will have some suggestions and experiences to share. The good news is that people can — and do — recover from distressing voices. Others find that the voices become less intense and confusing the more they make sense of them. Horrible voices can even end up becoming positive. Medication can help some people who hear voices your doc will talk with you about that but there are other things you can do to cope too. For some ideas, you could try: Being around other people who have similar experiences and finding out how they deal with it can help. Posting on our support forum http: Michael April 26, at 7: And take the advice already given to you, but it is important you look after yourself and decide you are going to do something. Stay strong, and be well. Cynthia May 14, at My voices — there are many, many of them — bring up stuff from my past since I was a little kid up till whatever happened yesterday. They try to make me feel guilty and responsible for things that, in reality, were out of my control or I had nothing to do with. They accuse me of things I did not do. They repeat the same stupid lies over and over. They are mean, critical, judgemental and cause a lot of stress in my life and in the lives of the people around me. I would not wish this on my worst enemy. The best thing you can do for yourself is take good care of yourself. Eat right, get enough rest, avoid stress, take whatever medications the doctor prescribes for you the way they are supposed to be taken. That can be very dangerous. I hope and pray things get better for you very soon. Try not to let the voices get the upperhand, and if they do please talk to someone about it. Take care, God bless you. I can telepath words too. My voices were inside my head at first and really annoying so i sent them out of myhead by answering a prayer for them and now they are like ghosts that follow me everywhere i go. Conner May 27, at 3: If it is how I imagine it to be. I would love to talk further about this with you if you would be okay with that nick June 19, at 2: I have two voices. I do know their ages names and look. I have had other voices through out my life so far. Elaine June 30, at 4: How are you these days? I am having trouble with my son, Nate. He will be Eleven soon. He is hearing a mean voice of a teenage boy age approximately 17, he says. He is threatening to hurt my son. He has never been very imaginative and has not had any real personal traumas. He pinpoints this starting last month after school let out for summer. He first seen a boy leap from behind a tree then I guess disappear. Then the voices came. He is very scared. Since your experiences started so early, do you have any advice? Did you ever hear mean and threatening voices? How did your mom help you? HVN June 30, at 6: We have certainly heard of a number of young people who have experiences like these. They support parents too, and have free downloadable booklets with info and coping tips. Terry December 28, at 1: Do you ever have a dialog exchange and question where they reign from or have them guide you to draw on a piece of paper where their mainstay is? Ella June 21, at 9: Sometimes some of the males swear and get told off for it. They affect my surroundings and the people i meet, and if one of them says something directly to me — it happens. I believe these people deffinately can come about through a traumatic experience; i never knew that this was a possible option but it makes alot of sense now, as i remember them saying that they were there because i asked for help, and they started when i was seperated from my mum, where i continued to smell her herbal tea and appear taking over another character in my head. I smell alot of things, some nice and some not so nice. Sometimes it comes across as different teams of people, my side and a VS side. B- Cheerfully Mental July 11, at 9: I have very similar circumstances and am quite frightened by the possible real threat of mental illness. I see a doctor this week to diagnose my condition. Do peoples voices sound different to them

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  1. Eat right, get enough rest, avoid stress, take whatever medications the doctor prescribes for you the way they are supposed to be taken. Blah blah blah, Joe Sarah November 12, at

  2. These experiences are surprisingly common, though. Our early forays into advocacy taught us that by sharing our unique experiences in high-level dialogue we can play a needed role in shaping the field and creating global conditions for success.

  3. You can use the information in this misophonia self test in your plan for coping with misophonia. Living in the Age of Entitlement New York: As a wife and mother, her dream is to support and inspire activism right from her household by fostering the values of non-violence, respect and non-discrimination at every opportunity.

  4. The book, Pirkey de Rabbi Eliezer, describes how Abraham once walked next to the Tower of Babylon and watched the people building it, lifting the heavy stones one at a time. They feel compelled to escape the trigger or immediately remove themselves from the triggering environment. For others it happens now and then.

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