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Deidre hall dating drake hogestyn

Accordingly, the character has spent a good portion of his tenure on the show as an undercover agent for the International Security Alliance ISA , the show's fictional secret intelligence service. Days introduced audiences to the character, "John Black", as a heavily bandaged amnesiac who was recovering from extensive facial reconstructive surgery similar to Lee's character in his last film, Game of Death. Marlena Evans [2] Almost immediately, John and Marlena established a rapport. After a while, Marlena began to wonder about John Black's "true" identity. The pair came to believe that John was really Marlena's husband, Roman Brady , who had been presumed dead. They resumed their lives as a happily married couple and parents. The couple's happiness was fleeting as Marlena was kidnapped and purportedly died. Around the same time, though, Marlena reappeared in Salem alive, and was reunited with "Roman". That same year, Wayne Northrop was recast as Roman Brady and the character that Hogestyn had been portraying for five years was retconned to be a soldier of Stefano DiMera who was brainwashed into believing he was Roman. Still suffering from a lack of memories, the character returned to the "John Black" name that he first used. Marlena reunited with the real Roman, and John resumed his relationship with Isabella. John then discovered that he was Forrest Alamain, brother to the evil Lawrence Alamain. Stefano had brainwashed Forrest into believing he was Roman as part of Stefano's vendetta against the Brady family. Sadly, Isabella died of cancer soon after. Distraught over the death of Isabella, John's feelings for Marlena resurfaced during "The Pit" storyline. Though the two tried to ignore them, John and Marlena gave into their feelings, embarking on a passionate affair. Initially, Roman was believed to be Belle's father, but the truth came out, and Marlena and Roman divorced. Knowing that their affair had hurt so many people, John pursued other relationships - most significantly with Kristen Blake , who turned out to be Stefano's adopted daughter. John and Kristen were engaged, but when Kristen miscarries, she fears losing John to Marlena. Kristen has a pregnant look-alike, Susan Banks , stand in and marry John in her place, with a plan to take Susan's child and raise it as hers and John's. Kristen's schemes were exposed, and John broke up with her, reuniting with Marlena. John and Marlena eventually married in , but on their honeymoon, John disappeared and was brainwashed by Stefano into sleeping with Hope Williams Brady. Hope found out soon after that she was pregnant, and John was believed to be baby Zack 's father, until it was proven the father was Hope's husband, Bo. When a serial killer called the "Salem Stalker" began to murder Salem's most prominent citizens, evidence suggested that Marlena was the stalker. She was caught and sent to prison, but John worked to prove that Marlena had been set up. Marlena ended up shot by the police while trying to escape, and died in John's arms. John eventually uncovered that the Salem Stalker debacle was another diabolical DiMera plot; Marlena and her "victims" were found alive on a remote island, "Melaswen" New Salem spelled backwards. John was seriously injured during his failed rescue attempt. Addicted to painkillers, John sought solace in the all-too-welcoming arms of—and proposed to—Roman's widow Kate Roberts. When Marlena became an amnesiac, the specialist summoned to help her — Dr. Alex North — turned out to be her first husband, presumed dead, making Marlena's marriage to John invalid. Marlena rejected John's love, feeling obligated to Alex. Nevertheless, John discovered that Alex was a fraud who had plotted to marry, then kill Marlena. He was able to save Marlena, who eventually got her memory back. John and Marlena's subsequent reunion was cut short when a dying Stefano reignited his vendetta with John, by compelling his son, EJ DiMera to shoot John. John eventually came out of his coma in May , but was then hit by a car, dying in Marlena's arms on October 17, Marlena found him, but he was not able to remember her, and continuously committed crimes ordered by Stefano. He went after the DiMera empire and Stefano after discovering his identity. Frustrated in her inability to reach the old John, Marlena filed for divorce. John tried to recommit himself to Marlena and remembering their life together. He sought the help of a therapist, Dr. Charlotte Taylor, but she purposely kept John in the dark about his returning memories. With Brady's help, John and Marlena discovered Charlotte's duplicity. Charlotte tried to kill Marlena, and ended up drugging John instead. He woke up with his memories restored. He was paralyzed, but doctors said he could be cured at a clinic in Switzerland. John asked Marlena to marry him again before they leave, and she happily accepted. John and Marlena remarried in the hospital, and left Salem on January 23, During their visit, the couple announced that John's physical therapy was a success, and he is now able to walk again. To protect his family from danger, John pleaded guilty and was sent to prison for 25 years-to-life without parole. In the following days, Rafe and Carrie Brady were able to prove the evidence against John was doctored, and he was exonerated. Hope and Bo found out that while brainwashed by Stefano, Hope and John had been married, making their respective marriages to Bo and Marlena invalid. John and Hope set out for Alamania to get a divorce. Viewers, along with the hapless couple, were forced to revisit two "Days" storylines: In December , during a conversation between Hope and Marlena, "Days" viewers learned that John and Hope's divorce was now finalized. By then, Kristen had returned to Salem. Kristen insisted that she had changed her evil ways after therapy. John is willing to believe Kristen while Marlena is suspicious, quickly becoming frustrated with John's optimism. In the intervening weeks, Marlena continued to insist that Kristen had not changed, but John suggests to Marlena that she is obsessed with Kristen. However, when Kristen starts dating Brady, John is determined to get Kristen away from his son. He even goes as far as trying to seduce Kristen and push Marlena away to make this happen. Kristen decides to not get revenge and accept Brady's love, but when Brady discovers her scheming, he breaks up with her. Marlena, meanwhile, finds out about John's scheming, and they separate, hurt and angry with each other. John leaves town on an ISA mission, and he and Marlena file for divorce. Hence, John's origins are once more in doubt. In , John returned to Salem, concerned about Brady's drug use and relationship with Theresa Donovan. After Theresa brags about eloping with a drunk Brady in Las Vegas, John records her confession, insuring that Brady dumped her. Theresa panics, and hits John over the head, sending him into a coma. He eventually wakes up, and finds out Kristen is back in town. When he learns Theresa lied and claimed Brady attacked John, he also confirms the lie so Brady won't get back together with Kristen. Brady finds out, though, and denounces his father. John leaves town to take care of Basic Black business in Europe, hoping to give Brady space. He later returns to Salem to work on salvaging his relationship with Marlena and Brady. With Marlena's counsel and blessing, John takes the job despite a not-so-veiled threat from Stefano. More drama began to crop up for John in March , when Salem newcomer Paul Narita is revealed to be John's biological son, the result of a relationship with Paul's mother Tori. As John and Paul had a falling-out just before the revelation, John is pursuing mending fences with Paul, and establishing a true father-son relationship. His consideration of the job offer causes friction between him and Marlena, and recent conversations between the two revealed that although the pair remain very much in love, they were still separated and living apart at the time. John later revealed that the motivation for rejoining the ISA was to take advantage of its resources to find his parents and decode the mystery of his past, once and for all, for the sake of his children and grandchildren. Timothy was a kind, charitable, and modest farmer who had been drafted into the U. Army to serve in the Korean War , and was believed to have died heroically in battle a couple of months before John's birth. Unable to care for John on her own, Maude first allowed a wealthy neighboring couple to adopt him, but when the couple was killed in an automobile accident, she put John in an orphanage, where he was eventually adopted by the wealthy and powerful Leopold and Philomena Alamain, taken to their home in Europe, and given the name Forrest Alamain. However, Timothy Robicheaux Tobin Bell had not really died in the war. Wounded and disillusioned by his combat experiences and the political environment of the war itself, he deserted the Army and fled to neighboring China , where he resolved to start a new life. He steeped himself in the martial arts, Eastern philosophy, and Communist revolutionary ideology, and adopted a new identity, Yo Ling, from a Chinese term meaning "Phantom". Yo Ling's views became ever more radical, and he helped establish an organization of spies and assassins, called the "Phantom Alliance", whose ultimate goal was to destabilize the West and bring about worldwide revolution. The Alliance grew in power and influence, and established a clandestine training center in the United States, using a private school named Winterthorne Academy as a cover. Yo Ling eventually learned what happened to his son. He and Petrov located John with the Alamain family, and using some of the Alliance's funds, paid the family a hefty sum for custody of John, with the promise of a fine life and prestigious education in the U. The family faked "Forrest Alamain's" death with a swimming "accident", and Yo Ling and Petrov took him to Winterthorne to be indoctrinated, brainwashed, trained as a top assassin, and groomed for a role in the upper echelon of the Alliance. Unfortunately, the corrupt Petrov had formed a business relationship with the notorious international criminal Stefano DiMera , and provided him with the ultimate "soldier" in John although never overtly stated, it stands to reason that Petrov may have been introduced to Stefano via the latter's common-law marriage to Philomena Alamain's sister Daphne. Yo Ling considered this a betrayal, and Petrov was separated from the Alliance for a period. Petrov allied himself with DiMera, and taught Stefano how to "program" John using the Alliance's brainwashing methods. John eventually became Stefano's "pawn", and was involved in a myriad of schemes and operations on DiMera's behalf. Eventually, Stefano through Petrov staked his "pawn" in a three-way wager with the ruthless Salem business tycoon and underworld figure Victor Kiriakis and the equally corrupt ISA Director George Nickerson. Victor won the wager a convoluted Miami drug deal disguised as a yacht race and thus, custody of John, and brought him back home to Salem. Petrov and Nickerson had dropped a number of hints to Victor and other Salemites that John might be the presumed-dead Roman Brady , an ISA agent of high value due to his abilities and knowledge of various highly classified subjects and who was actually being held captive by Stefano at the time. Indeed, using the brainwashing techniques learned from Petrov, Stefano had implanted enough facts from Roman's life into John's subconscious that he was able to convince everyone, including John himself, that he was in fact Roman Brady, for a period of over five years. Stefano did this in order to exact revenge on Roman's family, with whom it was later revealed Stefano's father had a longstanding feud. Yo Ling was later killed during the men's rescue of John's son Paul Narita. Deidre hall dating drake hogestyn

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  1. John Black and Phillip were involved in a heated shipping rivalry that turned ugly when gun fire broke out. He abused Max as a child, causing Max to become socially isolated and mute for several years. He was able to save Marlena, who eventually got her memory back.

  2. Charlotte tried to kill Marlena, and ended up drugging John instead. He even goes as far as trying to seduce Kristen and push Marlena away to make this happen. In the following days, Rafe and Carrie Brady were able to prove the evidence against John was doctored, and he was exonerated.

  3. Weiss and a failed engagement to Victor Kiriakis John Aniston and was even considered as a love interest for the returning Bo Brady Reckell. However, it was his screen test with Deidre Hall that put Hogestyn over the top. She was caught and sent to prison, but John worked to prove that Marlena had been set up.

  4. As his past was slowly being revealed, John was also dismissed from the ISA due to refusing long-term assignments , and he opened a private investigation firm with Steve Johnson called Black Patch.

  5. The antidote worked, and the friends and business partners reconciled, but with lasting damage to Steve's eyesight, for which John still blames himself.

  6. Gabby[ edit ] Gabby, played by Joy Bisco , is a young woman who lives on the fictional island, Tinda Lao. They talked about the new head writer and their thoughts on what Ron Carlivati adds to the show. After Theresa brags about eloping with a drunk Brady in Las Vegas, John records her confession, insuring that Brady dumped her.

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