Definition of old soul. The Old Soul.

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A Human With An Old Soul - Characteristics & Explanations

Definition of old soul

Having lived or existed for a relatively long time; far advanced in years or life. Relatively advanced in age: Pamela is our oldest child. Made long ago; in existence for many years: Of or relating to a long life or to people who have had long lives: Having or exhibiting the physical characteristics of age: Having or exhibiting the wisdom of age; mature: Having lived or existed for a specified length of time: She was 12 years old. Exhibiting the effects of time or long use; worn: Known through long acquaintance; long familiar: Skilled or able through long experience; practiced: He is an old hand at doing home repairs. Belonging to a remote or former period in history; ancient: Belonging to or being of an earlier time: Having become slower in flow and less vigorous in action. Used of a river. Having become simpler in form and of lower relief. Used of a landform. Used as an intensive: Come back any old time. Don't give me any ol' excuse. Used to express affection or familiarity: An individual of a specified age: Old people considered as a group. Old is the most general term: Ancient pertains to the distant past: Archaic implies a very remote, often primitive period: Antediluvian applies to what is extremely outdated: Antique is applied to what is especially appreciated or valued because of its age: Antiquated describes what is out of date, no longer fashionable, or discredited: No idea is so modern that it will not someday be antiquated" Ellen Glasgow. Old, when applied to people, is a blunt term that usually suggests at least a degree of physical infirmity and age-related restrictions. It should be used advisedly, especially in referring to people advanced in years but leading active lives. A phrase such as the older woman in the wool jacket suggests a somewhat younger person than if old is substituted. Where old expresses an absolute, an arrival at old age, older takes a more relative view of aging as a continuum—older, but not yet old. As such, older is not just a euphemism for the blunter old but rather a more precise term for someone between middle and advanced age. And unlike elderly, older does not particularly suggest frailness or infirmity, making it the natural choice in many situations. See Usage Note at elder1. Linguistics capital when part of a name designating the form of a language in which the earliest known records are written: Physical Geography of a river, valley, or land surface in the final stage of the cycle of erosion, characterized by flat extensive flood plains and minimum relief. See also youthful 4, mature 6 Agriculture of crops harvested late Ecclesiastical Terms the old one the old gentleman informal a jocular name for Satan n an earlier or past time esp in the phrase of old: This typewriter is an old model. We sold our old house. That joke gets old fast. Worry had made him old. For example, you say that someone 'is forty years old'. Legally, witnesses must be at least fourteen years old. They found bits of bone which are three-and-a-half million years old. You can also describe someone as, for example, 'a forty-year-old man'. Don't say 'a forty-years-old man'. She married a sixty-year-old man. Sue lives with her five-year-old son John in the West Country. You can also say that someone is 'a man of forty'. However, don't say 'a man of forty years old'. Maya is a tall, strong woman of thirty. Actually, he looks good for a man of She was a very old lady. He was very thin and he looked really old. Elderly is a more polite word. I look after my elderly mother. Like many elderly people, Mrs Carstairs could remember voices better than faces. You can talk about old people as the elderly. This is one of the many organizations which help the elderly. He or she is not necessarily an old person. Some of us took the opportunity to visit old friends. The museum is a massive old building. The drawers were full of old clothes. For example, your 'old teacher' is someone that used to be your teacher. Jane returned to her old boyfriend. I still like to visit my old school. Definition of old soul

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  1. Like an old person, the Old soul is in the process of withdrawing from the physical plane. Similarly Plotinus prefers to say that the body is in the soul rather than vice versa: The energy and excitement of youth is mostly gone.

  2. Their egos run wild; they become motivated by that which will eventually give them a massive stroke. His primary motivation becomes the pursuit of some specific life task, or perhaps spiritual refinement.

  3. As God is the Good or Summum Bonum of the soul, so is the soul the good of the body. Psychophysics, it is alleged, shows the most minute dependence of mind-functions upon brain-states.

  4. Two features claim attention in this the earliest essay towards a complete anthropology within the Christian Church:

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