Dating men with bipolar disorder. 13 Famous People With Bipolar Disorder.

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Dating men with bipolar disorder

If you are suffering from bipolar disorder and undergoing a depressive episode, it is not the result of substance abuse, medications, an underlying medical condition, or stressful situation — such as grieving the loss of a loved one. What is Causing It? How is it Diagnosed? If you are suffering from bipolar depression, you may be wondering what it is that caused this condition. What are the risk factors? Like most mental illnesses, there is not one single cause that scientists can pinpoint to tell you why you are suffering from bipolar disorder. Your risk of developing bipolar disorder is also increased significantly if you have a first-degree relative suffering from this mental state. Environmental factors also have shown a connection to bipolar disorder — and they likely interact with genetic predispositions to catapult the onset of the disorder. What this means is that if you are living with bipolar disorder, it was probably a mixture of genes and a life event that triggered the disorder to present itself in your everyday life. If you believe you are experiencing signs and symptoms of mania or depression, go see your doctor. If you are suffering from this condition, you may be reluctant to seek help at first — mostly because you are not able to notice how disruptive the disorder is to your life. And, you may enjoy feeling euphoric. However, it is important to treat this condition so you can manage your emotional states and live a productive, full life. Bipolar disorder will not go away on its own and you are likely to live with this condition for the rest of your life. However, with the right treatment plan, you can live a good life. Your doctor or mental health provider will assess you physically to rule out any underlying medical conditions that may be causing your manic or depressive states. If no underlying medical conditions present themselves, you are likely to be referred to a mental health provider for further diagnosis. These assessments will aid your mental health provider in diagnosing the presence of this condition in your life and also determine which type of bipolar disorder you may be suffering from. What are the Treatment Options? Medications and psychotherapy are the most commonly prescribed treatment plans for people suffering from bipolar disorder. And the success rate of these treatment plans is great if followed correctly and consistently. If you are living with bipolar disorder, you have likely been prescribed a number of different medications. The most common medications used to treat this condition include mood stabilizers, antidepressants, and atypical antipsychotics. Often, the first course of drug therapy is the prescription of mood stabilizers. Lithium is one of the most well-known and effective mood stabilizers for individuals affected with bipolar disorder. You may also be prescribed an anticonvulsant for use as a mood stabilizer. Atypical antipsychotics are often combined with antidepressants to treat bipolar disorder. Because the use of antidepressants can trigger hypomanic or manic states, you will likely take an antidepressant with a mood stabilizer to even out emotions. Psychotherapy has also been an effective tool for people living with bipolar disorder. Cognitive behavioral therapy will help you learn how to change negative or harmful thoughts or behaviors. Family-focused therapies involve your family members and focus on teaching coping strategies, communication counseling, and problem-solving techniques. Psychoeducation has also been a powerful therapy tool to teach individuals living with bipolar disorder about their condition and how to treat it. This education allows you to notice trigger points and impending mood swings so you can seek treatment before a full-blown episode occurs. Interpersonal and social rhythm therapy IPSRT is used often in treating bipolar disorder as well — as this form of psychotherapy focuses on the stabilization of daily rhythms — sleep, wake, mealtimes — to introduce consistent routines to better manage moods. In severe cases, you may need to be hospitalized for your own safety and well-being. This may result from severe states of mania or depression leading to psychosis, risky behaviors, or thoughts of suicide. If you are living with bipolar depression, it is important to follow your treatment plan. Pay attention to warning signs or triggers — this can help you seek additional treatment, talk with your counselor or mental health provider, and prevent the onset of a full attack. Avoid drugs and alcohol, and take your medication as prescribed — even on days you feel fine. Following your treatment plan, educating yourself about your disorder, and engaging in prevention techniques will positively contribute to your overall well-being and life satisfaction. Dating men with bipolar disorder

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  1. With cyclothymia , a milder form of bipolar disorder, less severe hypomanic and depressive episodes alternate for at least two years. Bipolar disorder is found among all ages, races, ethnic groups, and social classes. Do you or your loved ones have psychosis?

  2. Bipolar II is characterized by a major depressive episode as well as an episode of hypomania which is less severe than full mania and in-between periods of a stable mood.

  3. Cognitive impairment from memory lapses, forgetting appointments, being unable to remember information and experiencing brain fog during certain episodes is common!

  4. What are the risk factors? Physical assault and weapons are not uncommon. Medications and psychotherapy are the most commonly prescribed treatment plans for people suffering from bipolar disorder.

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