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This Boy Can Fight Aliens! Voices of a Distant Star is an amazing short film as it is. What largely drew people's attention to it initially, on the other hand, was the fact that it was entirely animated by one man on his home computer. Ghost Stories became this when it was localized in the west. Due to the localizers having no set limitations for what they could or couldn't do, they let the voice actors improvise almost the entire performance while still following the basic story. Leading to an officially licensed Gag Dub. Adventures in Alabasta was released in the west, its main appeal wasn't the content of the largely-panned recap movie itself, but rather the fact that it was the USA's first uncut One Piece dub, and featured the new English cast; For a couple of years it also served as a good preview for how Funimation would handle the full-length Alabasta arc from the TV series. Arts William Wegman's works are known specifically because of his use of Weimaraners in them. Abstract paintings have occasionally sold for respectable sums because, and only because, they were painted by apes, elephants, or octopuses. Comic Books The primary reason people read Months is because it is the last work John Hicklenton completed before he died, and indeed completing it was the only thing that delayed him taking his own life. The DC Comics series 52 was sold not on its content but on the fact that it was a issue miniseries that would publish an issue a week for a year in "real time" i. It was generally well-received, but led to a brief trend of weekly miniseries for DC, some of which were Fan Works My Immortal is notable for being so unbelievably horrible that it circles around and approaches being a masterpiece from the other side. That is to say, the draw is not so much the content, so much as the legendary badness of the work itself. The same also goes for the infamous legolas by laura , which features notoriously poor spelling and a Narmy plot. My Inner Life is renowned for its terrible writing and the rather There are several My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfics that are famous almost solely due to the novelty of using copious amounts of Gorn rather than for actually being good stories. Cupcakes - Pinkie Pie tortures and murders Rainbow Dash. As with The Human Centipede mentioned below, the premise is more horrifying than the execution, and the fic is better remembered for leaving an impact on the Friendship is Magic fandom than for the actual quality of the writing. The nonviolent fan video Double Rainboom is known mainly for the ambitiousness of its premise: Needless to say, whether or not the video itself is any good in and of itself is up for debate. The Subspace Emissary's Worlds Conquest isn't known for being particularly good or particularly bad — rather, it is best known for being flabbergastingly long. Written nonstop ever since Super Smash Bros. Brawl came out in , it clocked in at 3,, words by the time chapter was finished. For comparison, War and Peace is about under , words. The author has said that he hopes he can finish it all up at chapter , but wouldn't be surprised if it continued all the way up to chapter Films — Animation Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs got a lot of attention primarily because it was advertised as the world's first feature-length animated film. However, it is the first animated film produced in the United States and the first to be presented in Technicolor. Who Framed Roger Rabbit was sold on the spectacle of animated and live-action characters seamlessly integrated across a cameo-laden full-length feature film. Wreck-It Ralph like Roger Rabbit also sold itself on the fact that it was cameo-laden, but featuring video game characters this time. Sealed with a Kiss is generally regarded as, at best, an average and unimaginative film. But if nothing else many folks who've seen it or at least know of it appreciate the fact that, like Voices of a Distant Star above, it was animated entirely by one man. Ignoring the fact that the film does in fact have a dancing bear, the film was originally marketed on the fact that it starred a minor, comedic bit player from the then-hit Anastasia as the main character. Today, it is mainly remembered today because it is the only sequel to a Don Bluth film that was directed by Don himself. Both Disney and Pixar apparently considered the original Toy Story an example of this. Promotion centered on the fact that this was the first entirely CGI feature-length film. Some of the original trailers featured only the darkest sequences and an 'adult' score different from the movie's, and practically 'forgot' to tell the viewer that this is a family film about two toys wanting to return to their owner. The Thief and the Cobbler is mostly remembered for its extremely long and Troubled Production. Three animated films known almost solely for masquerading as kid's films before surprising you with copious amounts of death, gore, disturbing imagery, and in the latter, a graphic sex scene with cats. Films — Live-Action While the extreme difficulty of the production of The Abyss was not explicitly used as a selling point in the advertising, it came up again and again in entertainment news coverage of the film. Act of Valor is a feature-length film showcasing active-duty Navy Seals using their actual equipment and methods. All the Money in the World had to entirely replace a major actor after Kevin Spacey's history of sexual assault was exposed, with his part being entirely re-shot with Christopher Plummer just a few weeks before its release. Several reviews commented that the seamless integration of the actor change is easily the most interesting thing about the film. The Fast Runner , a film produced entirely by Inuit, is a reasonably good movie The whole fuss about the technological achievements necessary to pull the movie off, including 3D digital film cameras, motion capture refinements, etc. The never-fully-disclosed but definitely astronomical budget and the marketing-induced hype also contributed to its status as this. Boyhood is a pretty standard Slice of Life film about life and growing up. The real draw is the fact that it purposely took over ten years to produce as it averted Time Shifted Actors and was filmed at different points using the same actors. So when we see six year old Mason grow into an adult we really are seeing his actor transform from a child into a man. Brandon Lee was killed in a freak accident during the filming of The Crow , and in the scenes that hadn't been filmed yet he had to be digitally inserted or replaced by a double. This generated a lot of interest in the film at the time. The sole selling point for the film The Cure for Insomnia was that, with a running time of 87 hours, it was the world's longest movie. Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid is built around the clever editing and production tricks that make it seem like Steve Martin is directly interacting with the characters in old movie clips. Without those, there wouldn't be a movie. Escape from Tomorrow probably wouldn't have received as much hype as it is were it not for the fact that the film — a dark surrealist neo-noir depicting a man slowly going insane — was extensively sneak-shot throughout Disney Theme Parks. Fitzcarraldo is best-known simply because of its Troubled Production , and the fact that you're really watching people moving a ship through the jungle, using techniques even more difficult than the ones of the real event it's based on. Forrest Gump achieved much of its fame at the time for the use of digital technology to seamlessly incorporate Tom Hanks into historical footage. Gladiator wouldn't have qualified purely as a result of Oliver Reed 's death Hardcore Henry is a high-octane, fast-paced action film best known for being shot entirely from the first-person perspective of the main character. Unsurprisingly, it was influenced largely by First-Person Shooter games. The Human Centipede , which is about three people getting sewn together anus-to-mouth. The premise is far more horrifying than the execution. Film critic Roger Ebert refused to give it a star rating because it was so absurd, and anyone who wanted to see such a film would do it whether Ebert approved of it or not. Ledger only managed to film half of his role before dying, and Colin Farrell , Jude Law and Johnny Depp were brought in to play the character when he was in an Alternate Dimension. Quite a few people watched the film just to see if they could pull it off. Incubus, filmed entirely in Esperanto and starring William Shatner. The Jazz Singer in was the first film to feature lip-synchronized singing and dialogue, albeit only in a few scenes. The Machinist may be a tense, well-acted drama, but it has also become famous for the ghoulish appearance of Christian Bale, who starved himself down to a skeleton for the role. At the time it was released, "Manos" The Hands of Fate piqued its premiere audience's interest for being a film made on a dare between an actual filmmaker and a manure salesman. Said salesman used a single camera to record all of the footage in the film, and hired a man John Reynolds to play a satyr using special prosthetics. Of course, the film became infamous for how bad it was, and later received new interest for being one of the worst films ever screened on Mystery Science Theater It was also notable for being the only role Reynolds Torgo ever played - he killed himself a month before the film opened. Memento , the film told backwards! Michael Jackson 's This Is It wouldn't have been made if not for the fact that Jackson died before the concert series he was rehearsing for could take place, leaving the rehearsal footage that was shot for his personal use as the last footage of him performing at all, and thus of huge interest to his fans. The Irish film My Name Is Emily was given a lot of press for the fact that its director suffered from motor neuron disease and directed the entire film through eye-recognition software. Other press came from a scene where hundreds of extras run naked into the sea. Pixels got a lot of buzz early on because of the involvement of many licensed video game characters. Sadly, it didn't work out as well as Adam Sandler hoped, and the film got a poor reception from critics and regular moviegoers alike. Primer is mostly well known for having No Budget and being made by an engineer rather than anyone with a film-making background. And for being impenetrably confusing. The film Redline allegedly went for this by getting star Eddie Griffin to crash a car as a publicity scheme. It failed miserably because car fans, presumably the target market, were outraged at the destruction of an extremely expensive and rare car as part of the stunt. According to Griffin's side of the story as told in "Freedom Of Speech", the car crash was completely unintentional on his part and was not a publicity stunt. Alfred Hitchcock regarded Rope as a failed experiment in stretching the limits of making a film with as few cuts as possible. Film critics and historians would agree that the technical execution left much to be desired, but the writing and performances are still well regarded. The film Russian Ark is a minute exploration of Russia's legendary museum and historical building the Hermitage. The film takes place over centuries, features a literal Cast of Thousands , has amazing costuming, good performances, and so on. It's also The Oner. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Sin City were novel when they came out in the mids because they were among the first major films to use a "digital backlot" which blended live action characters with entirely digital backgrounds. The former was also noteworthy for featuring Sir Laurence Olivier a full fifteen years after his death, via the use of careful editing of previous recordings. This was in fact the main reason Jude Law decided to star in the film. Jackson claims he was in the movie Snakes on a Plane only because of the title. The name alone made it vastly popular on the Internet, long before it was released. Ironically, although the Internet buzz led the studio to expect "dancing bear" type success at the box office, the film itself didn't do nearly as well as expected. South of Sanity is a Slasher Movie shot in Antarctica by the crew of a base stationed there. The Terror of Tiny Town is a Western movie with an all-midget cast. Timecode is not just done in Real Time , but in real time with a four-way split screen throughout. William Castle 's The Tingler introduced a "spine-tingling" sensation people experience when afraid of something. Dancing bear sex full

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  1. The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Forrest Gump achieved much of its fame at the time for the use of digital technology to seamlessly incorporate Tom Hanks into historical footage. The real draw is the fact that it purposely took over ten years to produce as it averted Time Shifted Actors and was filmed at different points using the same actors.

  2. The Red Faction franchise became notorious for its groundbreaking GeoMod technology and physics simulation, which allowed players to blow open walls or destroy environments to a level not normally seen in previous games if they couldn't get through a door or obstacle. He was to continue to present special editions of the show. Much of the early press surrounding Little Big Town made note of the fact that all four members alternate as lead singers , then a really novel concept for a country group.

  3. Nintendo themselves had long been renowned for having, compared to other game companies, a squeaky-clean image , often forcing developers to censor their games for mature content such as violence, religion, or bad language.

  4. The author has said that he hopes he can finish it all up at chapter , but wouldn't be surprised if it continued all the way up to chapter

  5. In addition, there was a spinning roulette wheel that the ball could fall into and a set of drop targets with stand-up targets behind them that would generate poker hands based on the order they're hit. The creator even admitted that the game was made as a funny little experiment and was surprised that people actually played and enjoyed it.

  6. Michael Jackson 's This Is It wouldn't have been made if not for the fact that Jackson died before the concert series he was rehearsing for could take place, leaving the rehearsal footage that was shot for his personal use as the last footage of him performing at all, and thus of huge interest to his fans. David Arch joined in the fourth series and Hayley Sanderson in the fifth.

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