Dab slang. These 10 Slang Words from the 1920s Are Very, Very Weird.

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Kodie Shane Defines Atlanta Lingo: "Dat Way", "Dab", "Bool"

Dab slang

Unfair, questionable, disreputable, dubious. To con, treat unfairly. To copulate, to have sex. Less coarse than 'fuck'. To wear out, to break. An act of fornication. A term of address for a friend. A sexually amenable or available woman. A measure of a person's sexual desirability. Also often combined with out or up. To wear out, to tire out. Excellent, wonderful, by extension of meaning 1. We have to get to the station before 6. To urinate, male usage. In a mess, disorganised, mismanaged. Also see 'shant' verb. To stab with a knife. A drink, usually alcohol, and especially beer. Embarrassed - past tense of 'shan'. A disparaging name for females considered to be working class, unintelligent and vulgarly dressed, generally below the social standards acceptable to the user of the phrase. Each name can be heard used individually to imply the same. To break wind, from the anus, and to inadvertently defecate at the same time. A combination of the words 'shit' and 'fart'. To have defecated, the past tense of 'shit'. A depilated pubic region, usually of women, and viewed as sexually desirable. A form of the name Sharon, see 'Sharon and Tracy'. Very intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. A large quantity of something. Paper money, monetary notes. To pay up, to hand over, usually money. Rhyming slang on cab. An act of masturbation. Sherman tank, rhyming with 'wank'. Stereotypical but jocular use when impersonating Australians and their vernacular. To consume large amounts of drink or food. A request to move oneself. To move out of the way or to hurry up. A male nightclubber whose ideal night out will be to drink excessively, make sexual advances towards women and complete the night with a drunken brawl. Invariably their attire includes a dressy shirt, often without a tie. An act of defecation. Rubbish, nonsense, a bad thing. An exclamation of frustration or anger. An exclamation of surprise or annoyance. Dab slang

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  1. April in Paris - Aris from Aristotle - bottle which is from bottle and glass - arse. A measure of a person's sexual desirability.

  2. A euphemism for dropping someone in the shit. Thanks to Sue Cope. People have been known to pass out.

  3. Excellent, wonderful, by extension of meaning 1. A sexually amenable or available woman. It is not intended to be comprehensive.

  4. To make an obvious mistake. The terms listed here are well established. Thanks to Sue Cope.

  5. A feeble and boring person. Bill statement I'm going home - can I have my Jack? Sherman tank, rhyming with 'wank'.

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