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Summer Recipe Series - Lobster Grilled Cheese

Crab grilled cheese recipe

I add onion powder instead of onion and I also add black pepper and a little garlic powder. Gives it a healthy small taste of sweet! The ingredients may be right, but the measurements must be wrong! I made this according to the recipe. I just added more until it looked right. I also think that 1 tablespoon each of celery seed and Old Bay are too much I may have to end up throwing it out because it tastes so bad. This recipe sounds right! And Stephanie in Texas you may want to check your measurements, the recipe calls for a teaspoon each of Old Bay and Celery seed, not a tablespoon! This was soooo good!!! I'm 16 and I made it for my family on friday, I was going for a louisiana meal, and this was a great first course!!! Im going to make this again for sure!!! I'm not big on seasonings, and I love the taste of imitation crab by itself, so to make sure that flavor still really came through I cut the Old Bay back by half, only used about a third of a purple onion, and added a little red bell pepper. Served on celery sticks and bell pepper chunks it's fantastic!! This stuff is amazing!! Another ingredient I would recommend is cheddar cheese! A real hit with the kids. Added fresh garlic, some slap your mama seasoning and halved the mayo with sour cream. Delicious just the way it is. I will definitely use this recipe again. Just a few small changes and this was fast one of my favs. I used a few green onions instead and I halved up the mayo to half ranch dressing and half mayonnaise only because I didn't have enough mayo but it was a great additive. Oh, and a little cheddar cheese but I think it would still be outstanding without! I used Miracle Whip instead of the mayonaisse to give it a sweet flavor, one tsp of relish, one tsp of mustard and I used the Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning instead of the old bay seasoning and I also added one tsp of pepper! It turned out great!!! I used green onion instead of a normal onion. I also halved the mayo with sour cream, didn't add the old bay, but added some lemon juice and salt and pepper. I prefer a more robust salad, so I added cilantro, minced water chestnuts, and capers to the mix. Added more mayo, a couple shakes of hot sauce and a squeeze of lemon at the end. My parents loved it. I also added black olives because this is how Albertson's use to make it. I too added more mayo and green onion. I like the water chestnut's idea that will be in the next batch. I always use a full packet and it is amazing. Here's a couple additional ingredients, that give this recipe a nice kick I serve this with leaf lettuce for wraps, celery stalks and crackers for dipping. We make meals out of this many times. These extras really dress up this favorite dish. My final suggestion is too dice everything small, no big chunks. Let the dish set in fridge for hours for flavors to meld. I have made this recipe quite a few times but have never used the old bay, its just as good without. Also I add a bit more celery and only use 8 oz. Im just making for 2. The kids like it without onion so I add it after they're served theirs Plus first I put some lemon on the chilled "crab" after a light rinse, toss, then let it sit a few minutes before drying and adding remaining ingredients. This is really good. I also can't find a whole pound of the "crab", so the first time I made it I used 8 oz. I just made it again using 12 oz. Easy to adjust the recipe. The recipe is great, I make a batch of crab salad and a batch of Hawaiian style potato macaroni salad and fold in the crab and use 2 tsp. Crab grilled cheese recipe

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  1. Preheat the oven to degrees F. The ingredients may be right, but the measurements must be wrong!

  2. Place sandwiches into the skillet butter-side down. This hot dog has a lot of toppings. This recipe sounds right!

  3. This makes an indentation in the bun, where the hot dog can settle in to. We make meals out of this many times.

  4. Layer 2 cheese slices over 2 slices of bread. I always use a full packet and it is amazing.

  5. It turned out great!!! This makes an indentation in the bun, where the hot dog can settle in to.

  6. And Stephanie in Texas you may want to check your measurements, the recipe calls for a teaspoon each of Old Bay and Celery seed, not a tablespoon!

  7. In another pot follow these steps: Handful by handful add cheddar cheese and keep stirring. Pour the pasta sauce into a medium saucepan, add the sliced meatballs and cook over medium-high heat until the sauce has become warm.

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