Cocktail for the love of ray j. Full Cast & Crew.

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Cocktail for the love of ray j

November 2, Bottom 4: Diego, Fettucini, Luscious, Tipsy Eliminated: Tipsy, Diego, Fettucini Reasons for elimination Tipsy: Ray J felt he had no connection with her, due to her being too tipsy. Ray J felt she was only getting know Ray J as an artist, not as a person. Ray J felt she wanted to date him for his celebrity status. Episode notes During elimination, when Ray J got down to one glass, he said there were only four women left, but there are five women without glasses. Gifts did not received or is not seen receiving a glass, but she was not eliminated. Fettucini has claimed on the way to the house that she has dated Tyson Beckford. Just like Chardonnay on the first episode of the first season, Extra did splits for Ray J. Ray's Leading Ladies[ edit ] First aired: November 9, Challenge: Jaguar, Lava, Luscious Bottom 3: Extra, Gifts, Trouble Eliminated: Gifts, Trouble Reasons for elimination Gifts: Ray J felt her movie scene she created was confusing, picturing the relationship being only sexual, equating it to a one-night stand with "no happy ending". Ray J heard from the other girls she was too drunk and she was ready to give up. Ray J immediately picked the three girls Jaguar, Luscious, and Lava who won dates with him first during elimination. In a bonus clip, when Ray J was talking to Heartbreaker, a cameraman accidentally slip and fell in the pool. In a bonus clip, Ray J stated that he does not like girls having onion breath. La La , Super Crew Challenge: Just Right, Lava, Lucsious, Mz. Berry Challenge winner s: Just Right, Lava, Luscious Eliminated: Just Right, Lava Just Right: Ray J felt no chemistry between her. Ray J felt Lava was too demanding and weird. In the first season, it was revealed that Danger slept with Ray J's producer Detail. Extra had shorter hair in this episode, being noticeable during elimination. Unlike the previous episode, all the girls who won the date were at the chopping blocks, with the exception of Mz. Berry, who got her glass first. Too Little Too Late[ edit ] First aired: November 23, Challenge: Flossy, Jaguar, Platinum Team 2: Extra, Heartbreaker, Luscious Team 3: Exotica, Paradeez, Popper Team 4: Flossy, Jaguar, Platinum Solo Date: Adorable, Jaguar, Popper Eliminated: Ray J felt Popper came off a little too strong. Ray J felt she's not making an effort to connect with him. Cocktail for the love of ray j

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