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City in colour melbourne

By , all cable and horse tram lines had been abandoned or converted to either electric tram or bus operation. Alex Cameron was its full-time chairman. Under Cameron, the MMTB brought these systems under its control, extending the electric lines, and converting the existing cable-system to electric traction. He returned next year confirmed in his long-held opinions that electric trams were superior to buses and that overhead wires were preferable to the underground conduit cable system. Alex Cameron remained chairman there until He died a few years later in , the same year the last of the cable tram services in Melbourne ended. However, in Melbourne, the Bourke Street buses were replaced by trams in , and new lines opened to East Preston and Brunswick East. An overcrowded East Preston tram in Fitzroy North , Melbourne's tram usage peaked at million trips in , before dropping sharply to million the following year in By the s Melbourne was the only Australian city with a major tram network. Also, the infrastructure and vehicles were relatively new, having replaced Cable Tram equipment in only the s—s. This destroyed the argument used by many other cities, which was that renewal of the tram system would cost more than replacing it with buses. By the mids, as other cities became increasingly choked in traffic and air pollution, Melbourne was convinced that its decision to retain its trams was the correct one, even though patronage had been declining since the s in the face of increasing use of cars and the shift to the outer suburbs, beyond the tram network's limits. The first tram line extension in over twenty years took place in , along Burwood Highway. The W-class trams were gradually replaced by the new Z-class trams in the s, and by the A-class trams and the larger, articulated B-class trams in the s. In , the controversial Lonie Report recommended the closure of seven tram lines. Public protests and union action resulted these closures not being carried out. The MTA was formed to co-ordinate and operate the Melbourne public transport system, during —87 an integration of rail, tram and bus divisions took place, with the operations, maintenance and administration of these departments fully integrated by 11 April This reduced tram bunching and improved reliability of tram services. In January , the Labor government of Premier John Cain tried to introduce economies into the running of the public transport system, including the removal of tram conductors. This provoked a long and crippling strike by the tramways union in January , resulting in a back-down by the government and the retention of conductors. OneLink were contracted in to introduce an automatic ticketing system. The tramway union, which opposed this move, went on strike during the Grand Prix. One month later the government announced plans for privatisation of the PTC. The contract is for eight years with an option for a further seven years. Yarra Trams Tram boarding statistics since privatisation, based on Public Transport Victoria figures As a part of the privatisation process, franchise contracts between the state government and both private operators included obligations to extend and modernise the Melbourne tram network. This included acquiring new tram rolling stock, in addition the existing tram fleet was refurbished. In the marketing and umbrella brand Metlink was introduced to co-ordinate the promotion of Melbourne's public transport and the communications from the separate privatised companies. Metlink's role was to provide timetables, passenger information about connecting services provided by several operators, fares and ticketing information and introduce uniform signage across the Melbourne public transport system. The trams will be 33 metres long and have a capacity of passengers and are due to be in service in PTV assumed responsibility from the Director of Public Transport for the provision and administration of Victoria's transport services. It also provides information on fares, transport services and initiatives, and is responsible for overseeing and improving Victoria's public transport services. In — year—when the tram system was privatised—patronage was List of Melbourne tram routes 24 numbered routes operate with a regular schedule on Melbourne's tram network. City in colour melbourne

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