Chevron diy wall art. How to Paint a Rainy Day Scene with Acrylics | Easy Wall Art.

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DIY Chevron Canvas Wall Art

Chevron diy wall art

It was inspired by a printed pattern I had seen in the window of a shop. I just about died laughing when I put it all together! Who knew our dumpy oak piano could be such a show stopper? You can read all about that little makeover right here. Even though it looks pretty complex, the process was super simple and the longest part of the process was waiting for the paint to dry. I used my miter saw and cut each piece- I started with one at a time, then did a little math in my head, noticed it would take me… 2. Worked like a charm! After they had dried I was left with this awesome assortment of color!! I used about 13 different colors, but I also think doing the whole project in various shades of one color could look pretty epic too! We took a nail, some bakers twine, and a socket to DIY a little old plumbline. Nail it in and voila! We put it at our top and bottom marks created using our plumb line and then snapped that baby to give us a guide line. Use the floor to get your layout right and then installing it on the wall is a breeze. We wanted our pattern random and we wanted varying lengths and heights. Following our pattern, Jess glued and I placed the arrows. Shims are very imperfect, so I had to be okay with tiny gaps and just kept using the center line to keep things straight. Even before it was finished, we knew we were obsessed with it! We finished it off with some fun accessories and the coolest light fixture ever, and called it a day. Could you paint a piano green? Or glue shims to your wall? Check out our online store! Chevron diy wall art

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  1. Following our pattern, Jess glued and I placed the arrows. This will allow you to peel the plan off later. I then filled in around them with a variety of diameters.

  2. From country to contemporary and everything in between. And the final result is all I had hoped for. I knew I want to arrange the stripes in a color gradation so I laid out all of the jeans and picked five pairs that were fairly evenly spaced across the denim blue color spectrum.

  3. I sewed the second half together with the offset going the other way. I am not going to outline the steps for making the pillow cover. What looks like watercolor stripes from a distance are actually strips of tulle fabric.

  4. I love denim - the color, the fabric, the possibilities. Following our pattern, Jess glued and I placed the arrows. This stuff is more dense and less crumbly than regular packing styrofoam and will hold up better under abuse with a staple gun.

  5. Smooth it down with sandpaper Fine sandpaper should work well just to get rid of splinters. But oh the variety!

  6. Glow in the Dark Halloween Art: Another easy, bold way to add color to your home is with this taped canvas tutorial.

  7. Take one strip from the left group above and one strip from the right. Wood Stick Wall Art:

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