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Blog Thank you for visiting our site, we hope you find plenty of items to help you grow in your faith and share that faith with others. Our family also runs the local non-profit Catholic radio station. Mom is an avid runner, Gabriel keeps us praying now that he's off to college, Eve is our mini-mom, Joseph loves gardening, Patrick loves to fish, Blaise is everyone's little buddy, Anastasia is our dancer and little Mary-Joy is great at smiling through it all. Dad just likes to watch his family and soak it all in; he's also been known to enjoy a good cigar on special occasions or whenever he can go fishing or skeet shooting. Peter has been in the printing business for almost 28 years and about 17 years ago wrote his first prayer. Well you guessed it, he had a few copies printed and the demand for more increased, so more holy cards were printed and new ones written as well. What started off by leaving a handful of prayer cards in the back of the church one day has now taken off to send millions and millions of holy cards all over the world. Ricard, and His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI for the work that we do in providing free prayer cards to the missions, our troops, prisons, and various other ministries We also supply our Catholic Prayer Cards at no charge to our soldiers overseas. The proceeds from our online orders and suggested prayer card donations help us cover the expenses of printing and postage. Since we can buy printing at wholesale rates, for every prayer card you order at a suggested donation of 25cts we will be able to send many more holy cards to the missions. You will be pleased with the quality of our materials and will be blessing many more people around the globe by your generosity. We can totally customize a personalized holy card with any particular saint, photo, wording, etc Please click on the following link to be taken to our new Custom Printed Holy Card site: We use various styles of beads, crucifixes and medals so that each rosary is a one of a kind handmade creation. You can actually choose which saint medal you would like and we will custom make the rosary for you. Our rosaries are very high quality, but priced very modestly. You can get a personal handmade rosary from us for less than some bulk produced machine made rosaries. Click on the following link to see our full selection: Please click the following link to sign up for a bulk purchase wholesale account: Click the link below to check out our new site: To help raise funds for our local Catholic High School we have started this new site: Thank you again for joining with our family to "Help change the world one prayer card at a time! Ever Virgin Mary and glorious St. Joseph, Pray for us! The Bond Family To search for a particular item on our website, please use the search box below: Catholic online store

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  1. Please click the following link to sign up for a bulk purchase wholesale account: We sell hand carved wood statues from Italy. We have a nice selection of First Communion gifts.

  2. We sell hand carved wood statues from Italy. A Patron Saint Rosary makes a great gift. Our customers are very important to us.

  3. Dad just likes to watch his family and soak it all in; he's also been known to enjoy a good cigar on special occasions or whenever he can go fishing or skeet shooting.

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