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Meet the NEW Cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta

Cast of real housewives of atlanta 2015

Hola mi gente, our favorite Spanish reality guilty pleasure is back! As you noticed, the show is inspired by the Real Housewives franchise - the only difference is that the show is in Spanish. Giraud doesn't appear on the show - she is the executive producer of the successful hit reality series. Now let's dish about the new season. I'm sad to report that the remaining original cast members Elisa Beristain, Estela Mora and Rosie Rivera won't be returning to the third season along with Season 2 newbies Maria Raquenel and Veronica Pliego. They will be joined by three new successful ladies, which are: Check out the official trailer, cast bios and photos below! La nueva temporada de RicaFamosaLatina regresa el 21 de Septiembre!! Muchas sorpresas y mas drama!!! Andrea began her artistic studies at the age of 17 years old, graduating from Televisa's well known and respected acting school known as the CEA Center for Arts Education in Her first professional job was in Classical Theatre , a play done by Tirzo de Molina playing the main character of Serafina. She began her television career in the hit telenovela soap opera Lazos de Amor, 3 years later she received her first acting award in as Revelation of the Year by the Heraldo de Mexico for her role in the hit telenovela La Usurpadora. At the age of 22, she falls in love with Edgar Garcia and decides to fulfill her dreams of becoming a mother, giving birth to her daughter Charlotte at the age of 27 years. From there she decided to retire to focus on her family. However, when her daughter turns two, Garcia resumes her television career playing the main villain in the hit telenovela Codigo Postal. After six successful years of television and movie roles as well as her role as television host, she decides to move to Washington DC to take a break and spend time with her daughter. As an entrepreneur, Garcia launched a line of cosmetics in Mexico in Garcia has appeared in Playboy Mexico breaking record sales, as well as becoming an award winning executive producer. Now she has returned to the limelight as a Rica Famosa Latina! Luzelba Mansour spent her early years in poverty with her family in a small village on the outskirts of Guadalajara, Mexico after moving to California. She learned over the years that determination and education are the keys to a successful future. The fate led her to meet Zaqui Mansour, an Egyptian businessman. The couple married, had children and together they ensured successful business projects. Although separated now, Luzelba drives their passion for growth as a mother and businesswoman, which we will witness in this season of Rica Famosa Latina. Mayeli Rivera was born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico. At the age of 18, during a concert were Lupillo Rivera, a very well-known Regional Mexican artist was performing, the two met and fell in love, and 14 years later, the happily married couple are proud parents of two little ones. Rivera is ready to step out in the spotlight and make a name for herself as becoming one of the newest cast members of Estrella TV's Rica Famosa Latina. Mayeli is well connected with two of the show's original cast members, Rosie Rivera being her sister-in-law and Elisa Beristain being one of her closest friends. Niurka Marcos is a very well known Cuban actress, singer, dancer and TV host. Despite her many talents, Marcos is also well known for being a controversial figure for her brutally honest and tell it like it is attitude, never shying away from making headlines. At a young age, she studied for four years at the prestigious National Circus School in Cuba. Her career began as a dancer at the legendary Tropicana nightclub in Havana, which runs to more than twenty countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Niurka has recorded three albums and has appeared in more than magazine covers, including Playboy magazine. Sandra Vidal, born in Argentina, is a former top model. Today she is a host and producer, Sandra is developing "Que Pasa, Vegas? Besides being an actress and producer, is a successful real estate agent. Elisabeth "Sissi" Fleitas is a Cuban actress and model. Also making roles in film and popular soap operas like "Los Secretos de Lucia. Cast of real housewives of atlanta 2015

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