Can you get pregnant while smoking weed. Poll: Would You Waterslide While Expecting Like Elsa Pataky?.

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Will smoking marijuana affect a woman's ability to get pregnant?

Can you get pregnant while smoking weed

I want you to ask yourself Do you have muscle weakness? Do you feel anxious or experience panic attacks this is one of the reasons why Cee-Lo Green stopped smoking? Have you experienced a psychotic event? Do you experience extreme mood swings, from euphoric to despondent feelings? Have you lost your sense of humor? Are you restless almost all the time? Can you focus attention or is it now difficult to concentrate? After eating a meal, do you suffer from indigestion? Do you suffer from nausea? That fact alone might surprise you because, in popular culture, none of these symptoms are supposed to happen after you stop smoking marijuana! A chemical found in the plant, deltatetrahydrocannabinol or THC plus other compounds are known to alter the brain and mind. Some cannabis extracts contain even higher amounts of these drugs. So, even if you just smoked pot, you used a powerful drug. Dealing with Depression and Weed Withdrawal According to medical researchers at the National Institutes of Health NIH over the past few years, the decision to stop smoking marijuana for any reason can trigger depression. Sleep disturbances are the most frequently cited symptom of THC withdrawal. Unfortunately, sleep quality issues tend to linger from weeks to months or even years in some individuals. Chronic sleep deprivation is known to affect your cardiovascular heart health and weaken your immune system. Even if you're not concerned about your looks, they're likely to suffer. Marijuana users no other drug use as confirmed by tests and drug-free control participants in the research study were monitored in a sleep lab. Researchers noted that the marijuana group: Many people suffering sleep disturbances associated with THC withdrawal say their sleep is broken by hard-to-forget vivid dreams or nightmares. Did I leave the refrigerator door open? These dreams are common and may persist for many years. Consider these dreams a part of the recovery process. Since poor sleep causes many people suffering from marijuana withdrawal symptoms to reach for coffee and other stimulants to focus on daily life, the cycle of drowsiness and sleeplessness is harder to break. Forgetting meetings or deadlines because of an altered time sense or taking too many sick days can affect your livelihood. Many smokers say the highlight of the day is getting home to enjoy their weed. Interest in other matters, like keeping a job, spouse, friend, or family, is less important. Nagging self-doubts about where your life is going or how your health is faring are also valid reasons to get sober: The American Lung Association says that marijuana causes illness and paves the way for more illness over time by breaking down your immune system. For instance, smoking it can make it harder to breathe. Harvard University says that male smokers outnumber females three to one. However, pregnant females have more than their own health to consider: Former marijuana smokers also report that muscle weakness or poor motor skills are common. Uncontrollable tremors, tics and shakes occur can occur for weeks or longer. Bumping into things, falling up or down stairs and other accidents can cause serious injuries. The risk of experiencing anxiety or panic may be related to the THC level in the detoxing individual's body. Knowing how much THC is stored in your fat tissue is difficult or impossible to determine. Severe symptoms, such as psychosis, are typically considered rare. Researchers say, in that case, some patients in research studies have received opiate suppressors, such as those given to people withdrawing from heroin: Other studies around the world seem to point to stronger cannabis on the market. More concentrated THC could be the reason that some studies point to a direct correlation between marijuana smoking, marijuana withdrawal, and psychosis. Doctors and medical researchers around the world want to provide treatments to help users withdraw from marijuana. Trials for drugs to manage marijuana dependence are in process. To date, researchers have studied the following drug types with little to mixed success: Nutritional supplements like N-A-C are available without a prescription. Some studies theorize that N-A-C may help to ease weed withdrawal symptoms by preventing the breakdown of your own cannabinoid receptors. Use Disorder Marijuana use disorder is the name given by medical researchers to marijuana overuse and addiction. According to the NIDA, about 30 percent of users struggle with this. This disorder is also frequently identified with dependence. The person becomes dependent to marijuana when his or her brain adapts to using large amounts of it. This use prompts his or her body to decrease or block sensitivity to endocannabinoid transmitting cells within the body. A dependent user can become addicted when it becomes impossible for him or her to stop smoking. Other tasks are then seen as intolerable interruptions to the user. Rising potency of marijuana may increase the number of people who become dependent or addicted to marijuana. Confiscated marijuana samples in had almost twice the potency of samples taken in the 90's. NIDA estimates that about nine percent of all marijuana users will develop a dependency on it. This figure is estimated at about four million people In , just , received treatment for marijuana use disorder. Research shows that, for those willing to tough it out, the worst physical symptoms occur during the first week of detox and typically last about two weeks. However, withdrawing may become more challenging than ever. Mood Swings Mood swings, from extreme highs to deep lows, are frequently reported by people who are detoxing from marijuana use. Mood swings are one of the biggest risks to current and former users in detox. The risk of mood disorders is probably highest for people with a diagnosed bipolar disorder. Study conclusions are unclear. Others say they got depressed when they stopped using. In others, it had opposite effects. For instance, a study performed in Australia showed that participants who smoked marijuana in the mid-teen years had about twice the likelihood of developing depression in their early twenties when compared to the control group who never smoked at all. If you started smoking early and then smoked for 10, 20, or more years, weed withdrawal can be very difficult. According to NIDA, the average person hoping to withdraw from marijuana use has used it almost daily for at least a decade. Truly, it is the gateway drug Relapse is easy because the user has a close relationship with the drug. Current substance abuse treatment studies seem to indicate that many patients benefit from standard treatments used in mental health disorders and addiction. If the user has struggled with weed withdrawal many times over a decade or more, one or more varieties of behavioral therapy can also provide support: This therapy type can be used to address multiple co-morbidities or problems that are occurring with marijuana withdrawal. One or more of these therapies can help you get through the difficult experience of THC withdrawal and the depression that's likely to come with it. Therapy tailored to your needs can provide you and your family with strategies and tools to get healthy and sober. A therapist on your medical team can mean the difference between getting through one day at a time. Want to see if your insurance policy covers the cost of rehab? Call our secure toll-free hotline to check! Their processing speeds are lower. The presence of these metabolites can mean the withdrawing user is still suffering negative neural function. Short-term memory, attention, ability to identify visual and spatial differences, and psychomotor tasks may be affected. Even when younger people withdraw from marijuana, visual learning, memory, executive function, and psychomotor speed remain. Age How old you were when you started smoking makes a difference. Tests of withdrawing adults suggest slower information processing and difficulty in focusing attention when researchers asked. Perhaps reduced energy and blood flow to sections of the brain are the reason. Studies seem to show that adults can better withstand the assaults of chronic marijuana if they started smoking as an adult. Young people are always at greater risk while using marijuana and may suffer the greatest permanent physical and mental effects from the drug. Appetite Many people report a loss of appetite for food. Others report stomach upset and nausea as well as the inability to keep down their meals. Talk to your doctor about appetite and digestion problems. Even if you can't eat regular meals for a short period, stay hydrated. Drink lots of water, clear broth, gelatin desserts, or ice pops. Avoid caffeinated drinks, coffee, and tea. These can upset your stomach. Relationships Detox is a stressful process. A large percentage of people say their interest in sex decreases at this time as well. Can you get pregnant while smoking weed

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  1. In others, it had opposite effects. Therapy tailored to your needs can provide you and your family with strategies and tools to get healthy and sober.

  2. What did they do? This will ensure the greatest safety for your little one. This is why people cook their weed into edibles.

  3. Rachel Nall is a Tennessee-based critical care nurse and freelance writer. Nutritional supplements like N-A-C are available without a prescription. Consider these dreams a part of the recovery process.

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