Can belly dance help to lose weight. To Lose Your Last 10 Pounds of Belly Fat….

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2 Mins - Weight loss Belly dance

Can belly dance help to lose weight

Bend the knee to drop the hip, straighten the knee to lift the hip. Always drop before a lift, and lift before a drop to accentuate the movement. Never lock the knee when straightening, always keep them released. Activate your thigh muscles to either push the hip up, or pull it down. Weight in supporting leg, right foot forward on ball of foot Toe position , knees soft. Lift working hip, in this case the right hip, upward slightly. Drop right hip downward in a strong accented move. Upper body stays steady. In order to move a part of your body in one direction, first move it in the opposite direction. If you are trying to do a hip drop, first lift that hip slightly to do the drop. This give you the space your need to create the movement, which will help you create a bigger, fuller and more juicy movement. It is the opposite of the Drop, less grounded and more exuberant. Lift the working hip upward and slightly forward in a strong accented move. Activate the out side of your thigh and your hip to give the movement oomph. And, using the principle above, drop slightly first before you lift. Remember, to go up you must first go down and vice versa. Visualise a string attached to your spine in the centre of your chest. Imagine a puppeteer pulling this string upwards on a 45 degree angle. Generate the movement from the inside of your body and you will have a much more beautiful and juicy movement. On the Upper Body Shoulder Drops The only effort is to bring your shoulders up together, then, let both go. Careful not to shrug and draw your shoulders forward and up to your ears which locks your upper back and your energy flow. Fast Shoulder Drops look great while swaying your body from side-to-side, and shifting weight on legs. Shift your weight from leg to leg, straightening supporting knee and releasing the other. Get into the rhythm of this, and then slide your hip out to side as weight transfers into that foot, then back in connecting to your centre and so on. Imagine you have your arms full of groceries and you push the car door shut with your hip! A puppeteer pulls that string to the right, your rib cage moves to the side, independently from your shoulders and hips. Belly Dance is an organic dance, but it also teaches us to move different parts of our bodies in isolation. Try to move the chest out to the side while keeping the rest of your body relatively still. This is not a rule of thumb across the board. It really applies best to the small, accented movements such as this. The chest slide is a very small isolated movement yet can be very effective for accenting the music. Use the muscles behind the neck to slide your head to the right, then the left, keeping it as horizontal as possible. Lovely move when framed with your hands crossing in front of your face, or crossing above the head. Practice this move very gently, only after a good warm up of the neck muscles to avoid injury. Do not do anything that feels painful. This movement needs only to be very small to be effective, so do not over-extend your self. This move is difficult and takes time to master. Relax lower body, strong thighs, soft and released knees. Weight evenly distributed on both feet, and based in the centre of your soles. Push right knee forward. Then pull right knee back in and push left forward. Keep this going; keep the movements small in size and medium speed. Use your knees and thighs. Speed up when you feel ready. Keep knees released and soft. Keep upper body steady, no bopping up and down. Also, stay centered over your pelvis, do not lean forward into the balls of your feet, or back into your heels. Keep this up until the shimmy vibrates through your bottom and thighs. You must breathe with the shimmy, as it tends to stop ones breathing. The shimmy will take time and practice to build up the necessary muscles and technique to keep it both strong and lasting yet feminine and soft at the same time. The most beautiful hip shimmies are sensual, seemingly effortless and flowing. The shimmy uses a part of the body that can be blocked energetically. If you feel it is jarred do not be disheartened. It took me seven years to feel a joyful shimmy, as my hips were so locked and my pelvis so rigid. Imagine this as a course in reclaiming that part of you, your pelvis and the seat of your sexuality. If you have difficulty with the shimmy just know that by practicing shimmying you are opening up a flower, and the petals will unfold in their own sweet time. Big, village style shimmy with bent knees. More in the buttocks. Flutter shimmy; with straighter knees and smaller knee movement. On one leg; moving weight into one leg. Pummeling shimmy; pummeling feet into the ground and alternating shifting weight between them. Imagine this section of your spine rotating around itself to the right, then the left, and repeating in this motion. You can also use the muscles that run down the outer sides of your breasts to help in generating this motion. Generate the energy of the movement from the centre of your chest, from your core remember the flag analogy. The correct shoulder shimmy will be juicy; as it will open your heart and channel its warm energy outward. The shoulder shimmy is traditionally used when two women dance together facing each other, and they alternate leaning toward and away from each other in unison; a beautiful sight to see. As with the shoulder roll, it is a movement that requires feeling and a sharing of a joyful moment. It is by no means intended to be a breast thrusting or jiggling exercise! So please; keep it small, keep it coming from your heart, and feel the difference! Shift your weight from foot to foot, straightening supporting leg and releasing the other. As you shift your weight keep your hips relatively level with the horizon, pelvis centred. Gently stomp a foot. As the weight is being shifted into it twist the corresponding hip from the back, to the front. As you get the hang of this, shift from a stomp to keeping the ball of your foot always on the ground, using it as an axis for the turning foot. This is important so that the working knee does not lock as you twist the working hip. Start off small, then speed up and get closer to the ground. Done fast and big it reminds us of African earthy moves that get the heart pumping. This movement can cause knee injury easily. Do it with care and supervision from your Belly Dance teacher. Practice small and isolated, then medium, then large and earthy. Swing your working hip to the front, in a delicious swishy movement, holding at the end of the twist, to accent the movement and give it energy. Do four in quick succession for a yummy juicy movement. Hip Twists feel great as they massage our ovaries! Use fast music to this; the twist is a juicy, exuberant movement that asks for joy or passion in the music. Always keep your knees released and ball of working foot turning on the ground to avoid knee injury. If you lock your working foot into the ground it can injure your working knee. On the Upper Body Gently push shoulder forward, then back, on the horizontal. You will learn some basic travel steps in your Beginners Belly Dance Course. Allow your feet to fall into the Earth — pause there. Mother Earth then brings energy in through your feet to your center, your inner body, nourishing you. Imagine your body like a tree, your feet the roots that need to be in the earth connected to it, your body the trunk and the energy you give out from your heart through your hands and fingers are the fruit. With traveling, start small and sllllllooowwww. Take your time, feel your feet and feel the energy coming up through them. Imagine you are standing inside a cylinder that comes up to your hips. You are standing closer to the front of the cylinder than you are the back of it. Firmly ground your feet into the earth, and shift your weight to the side, like in a slide. Now start to clean the inside of the cylinder with your hip scarf, firstly pushing your hips to meet the back, then round to the other side. When you come to the point of trying to clean the front section keep your upper body over your knees, do not bend your back and thrust your pelvis forward. This will create back injury for beginners. Can belly dance help to lose weight

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  2. The Chest Circle is just a smooth joining of these points. My problem right now as well is that I can't seem to get my body fat down and weight as well. In other words, I was not one of those women who was conned by the media into being dissatisfied with myself.

  3. When you come to the point of trying to clean the front section keep your upper body over your knees, do not bend your back and thrust your pelvis forward.

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