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Bumble and bumble short hair

I feel that the muted tones of this color really accentuate the haircut! I also live for the versatility. This guest is only nine years old, but this look is timeless and can be worn at any age! Any advice for someone considering it? There are so many factors to consider when choosing a haircut that will suit your guest. For instance, my guest has extremely thick but fine hair and her face shape is round. I lightly layered her hair throughout and created invisible layers underneath. I also opted for a slight taper around her face to show off her cheekbones! To style, I started with Unite Expanda volume root booster in wet hair for lift and 7 Seconds Leave-In spray as a detangler and for thermal and UV protection. I used my Bioionic 1-inch Style Winder to create soft beach waves and added Unite Texuriza spray to make her hair more gritty and separated. I would describe this look as a shattered and unstructured bob haircut. My favorite thing about it is that it is super flattering and so easily managed. It gets better the messier it gets! My advice to someone interested in this look is to make sure you communicate with your stylist! This look is all about texture. Are you someone with a natural wave and super thick hair? If you have more of a fine texture, then some extra layering and product will get you a similar look! Remember to keep your ends wispy. This will keep the look modern and keep you from getting into that old-fashioned blunt bob look. This look is great for someone who wants to look effortlessly chic. Busy moms, college students, or pretty much anyone who wants a great style with minimal time spent will love this look. If you have a curling wand, curling iron, or flat iron and some texture spray or wax, you are all set! Simply give yourself a few loose waves and tousle with a waxy product. A few more points to consider are where the ends of this cut should hit on your face. If you have a round face, be sure to have the long front points hit below your chin and your shorter layers start a bit above your cheekbones. This will thin your face and open you up to look brighter. A person with a longer, thinner face can allow those long points to hit between the jawbones and chin. This will help take the focus away from a long jaw and draw the attention up toward your eyes! I would describe this look as a blushing bob just in time for spring. This style is more work to maintain. I recommend coming in every six to eight weeks for upkeep. To maintain this blushing strawberry, I would send them home with Blonde Me shampoo and conditioner with our Strawberry Instant Blush Spray Conditioner to keep the color looking fresh. Blow dry with a round brush, then finish with a straight iron. This style is versatile and can be worn with class by anyone. This pixie cut has it all with short sharp edges and lots of internal texture. The sides are clipped with a grade 1 at the hairline. To keep softness and femininity, scissors were used on the rest. This haircut is not for the faint-hearted, you need to be ready to go this short. You have to be someone who likes to style their hair because pixie cuts look better styled. Matte waxes and texture sprays work really well with these shapes. This pixie is very versatile and can be shaped in many ways. I would describe this haircut as a chic textured pixie for the modern woman. I love that it can be styled in so many ways. It can be styled in a smooth fashion slicked down to your head, you can make it piecey for an everyday classy businesswoman, or you can give it texture and volume for a more non-conventional, punk look. There is a lot of dimensions, even with a shorter cut. Know how your har lies. If you have a lot of strong cowlicks, thinning hair, or a strong part that is hard to change, this cut may not be the one for you. There is so much versatility to this look, so get ready to play and have fun with it. I styled her hair with a spray wax and a straightener. Your options on parting it, styling tools, or products is endless. It could look different every time! The best way to describe this look is a very soft baby lob. I think my favorite thing about this bob is the ease of styling! I round brushed the ends, then took my curling iron and made a few bends in it. I also think the straight across bangs really bring this whole look together. One thing I always tell people about this specific look is that styling is very easy, but it does require upkeep at the salon. I usually tell my clients anywhere between four to six weeks for a clean up is necessary. If she lets it grow out too long, it could completely alter the whole look. Hair type does play a big factor in this look as well! For thicker hair, this cut can definitely be done, but it requires a good amount of debulking and layering. I always love to scoop sections and over-direct them to the opposite side of the head and point cut. But it does require more frequent visits to the salon. I am a product junkie and I love experimenting with different volume products. These products were helpful in giving her some volume and texture without going too overboard. They will also help the curls last longer in her hair. Lastly, face shape is a major factor to consider in a cut like this. Because of the slight roundness, I wanted the length in the front to be no shorter than her chin. If she had a more oblong face, we could have gone shorter, but I usually recommend the chin and down for rounder faces. I would describe this look as edgy but playful, and the color has everything to do with that. You see so many similar silhouettes and textured bob haircuts on blonde and brunette hair, and they look great, but I feel that the depth in the color in using the red-violet dimensions gives it more of an edge. My favorite thing about this look is the combination of the texture through the ends in conjunction with the color. A lot of reds go for a more sleek and sophisticated look. This texture makes it so much more fun and modern. When my clients want to go red, I always point out how it might look with their skin tone and their eyes. The difference between warm tones and cooler tones is something I think a lot of people forget about. With reds, maintaining your color and shine at home is so important if you want to keep it looking nice. As for the style and current trends, I believe everyone should own a texturizing spray. It adds instant volume, a natural and tousled finish, and keeps the style in place without it feeling stiff or mattifying the color. This is a soft, versatile take on a disconnected pixie. The sides and back are all done with clippers, giving it a clean look and feel. The top is all shear work, giving the artist the flexibility to leave lines as harsh or as blended as they choose. I love the versatility of this cut! It can be worn so many ways. This can be tailored and neat, completely disheveled, or somewhere in between. To any of my clients who come to me wanting a shorter style, my first question is always about how much effort they want to put into their hair. Those people are unicorns and should be studied. For most, however, short styles require a little luck, some effort, and some great product. I typically send my clients home with a good pomade or spray wax. I also make sure my client is comfortable with themselves. I would describe this haircut as a textured long bob or lob. My client has incredibly thick hair, and this is the perfect hair type to showcase the incredible shape. My favorite thing about this haircut on my client is the amount of texture and volume you can achieve with it! My client has the perfect oval face shape, so we have experimented with many different styles over the years! This haircut can be flattering for most face shapes as it is very soft at the front. It is suitable for most lifestyles as well because the length can be tied back if needed. The best way to achieve this look would be to blow dry the hair with a heat protecting spray using a large to medium round brush. This style also looks incredible when styled with a soft wave using a curling iron. I would describe this look as very trendy and shaped. The natural-looking highlights are perfect for blending the greys, and the inverted cut gives great volume! Bumble and bumble short hair

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  1. OSiS Sparkler is an aerosol mist of shine, which lends a soft sparkle to any style. This style is great for those gals with thick hair that want to really accentuate a blunt bob or some fun color. This cut is perfect for oval or heart shaped faces.

  2. I think my favorite thing about this bob is the ease of styling! There are so many factors to consider when choosing a haircut that will suit your guest. If she had a more oblong face, we could have gone shorter, but I usually recommend the chin and down for rounder faces.

  3. Fine hair is easy to damage or break and over the counter hair colors are formulated differently than professional colors and aren't always compatible with each other. Alternatively, it is a brilliant product for brushing out curls to create a carefree, beachy waved look. In temperate zones , young queens gynes leave the nest in the autumn and mate , often more than once, with males drones that are forcibly driven out of the colony.

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