Bless online release date north america 2017. NYC principal bans God Bless America at graduation to avoid upsetting 'cultural sensitivities'.

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👏🏻Bless "Bless Online" Why Community Engagement and Publishing Matters

Bless online release date north america 2017

SD needs new blood and this young man cooks! Donald can afford him. Connor won't demand high fees like Larry Carlton. It's always been that way. Jimmie , US Given the state of the music business, the idea of Don touring as SD without Walter was not hard to imagine even when Walter was still with us. The idea was floated on here a couple of years ago. Someone, I think Dean, said it was completely out of bounds. But he will NOT give the appearance of Walter being "replaced" by anyone other than perhaps his own son. And as far as I know, he's not even a musician. I think Connor Kennedy will eventually be brought in as Walter Becker's permanent replacement. Belzoni , Funway West I heard they brought in a guest guitarist last night in Camden. Any idea who that was? Does anyone have the playlist?? Those early incarnations of the band played the songs at a much faster pace. The performances since are more nuanced and sound more like the recordings of the classic albums, IMO. First of all their touring career was short. During that time they didn't seem to do TV other than Midnight Special. In the early 70s there were two really good places to see live bands on the tube, The Midnight Special and In Concert Don Kirschner's show. To my knowledge they never appeared on In Concert. KD , asdf There's this 8mm rolling around too: KD , asdf Did Connor Kennedy sit in for the whole set last night? Goddamn love that kid. I think they may have put 'Josie' back in for him. The only one in circulation is their appearance on The Midnight Special. I could be wrong though. The veteran BlueBookers would know more. Dave from acquisitions , Philadelphia https: Gary Katz interviews are pretty rare. You have to imagine it exists somewhere. Bud , laying in bed The band sound tighter because it doesn't have Walter to shake things up. I miss Walter more than ever now. Considering heading down to Philly er- I mean Camden on Wednesday. Josey , Mass Hey guys and gals - wanted to give somewhat of a review from Saturday night at the Xfinity Center. Billy Payne on keyboards! Enthusiastic response to most of their set as has been reported thus far. Let's get to what counts! I don't want to be sacrilegious here in light of the fact that we're flying the missing man formation these days, but if my math is right, this was my 16th show, and I cannot remember when they sounded better. Yes, Becker was and always will be missing. This band is insanely tight! I was floored with Herington, and I'm a drummer. He's obviously got more responsibility now, but it didn't seem to hold him back. Carlock - not much more to say than what's already been said. I will say that, from the drum perspective, he's taken that signature lick of his and embellished quite nicely over the years! Same lick with more variations and orchestrations around the kit. The guy is a monster and so much fun to watch with the exaggerated flailing arms and whatnot. Freddy Washington - what's not to love??!! Fagen seemed really enthusiastic as well. Looked like he was having a ball throughout. Whatever the sound engineer earned that night wasn't enough! The sound was so good it was hard to believe!! Like hearing the tightest band you've ever heard through a pristine audio system! That's probably what struck me more than anything else. First time I've ever heard Rikki played live. I didn't make a setlist as it's not my thing when at a show. It all sounded incredible - and by the 2nd or 3rd tune, the sound engineer had it so dialed in I was in disbelief! So glad I decided to go!! Now I'm thinking seriously about one of the Beacon shows. Apologies for lack of exact setlist. This represents the kind of street credibility that Becker truly would have appreciated! The October 28th unveiling will be accompanied by a ceremony that will include special guests, remembrances from Becker's friends and colleagues, as well as very special give-aways. It will undoubtedly be a fun and free gathering to honor and commemorate Walter as only they can! Additional announcements about the October 28th celebration of "Walter Becker Way" will be regularly posted to http: He never falls into the "nostalgia act" trap because he continues to record prolifically. Van also doesn't give a shit about what the audience wants to hear. This site actually houses a Van email list fully automated that was started in Could someone re-post or otherwise direct me to our group Danfest photo taken in the parking lot? There was maybe 2 dozen of us with someone pouring a drink in YGK's mouth as he reclined on the lot. The Dean , St. Augustine Beach I accidently linked the live version of that song. Nice, but the studio version has much better sound: Augustine Beach Bookeeper, you got that right. The Van Joey D new release is killer. Try this on for size: Bookkeeper's Son , Florida A few random thoughts based on recent items on the Blue: Haven't noticed posts from you for a while. Glad you are back in the saddle. Thought I was the only one! SD keychains are more expensive than other artists. But they are not all plastic either like the other act's chains I have purchased. They are less expensive than the t-shirts that end up in a drawer not being worn. SD comes in a very close second. Each group's music originates in a slightly different area of the brain. In my humble opinion the DB do not have a bunch of filler on those Toulouse Street to Stampede albums. This year's tour was a great pairing for me. That man is a Hammond B3 force to be reckoned with for sure. Augustine Beach My bad. Actually this is the better link. Augustine Beach Thanks Doc. To save the rest of you from having to click through two different sites to find the link, here it is: Augustine Beach Sorry for the double post. But yes, 25 doughlers is a bit spendy for something that is basically free, in the real world. Just a great time. With the exception of the very poor bar setup on an extremely hot night. I won't go into the details of the bar. But as bad as it was for the customers, it had to be twice as bad for those working the bar. Just wanted to say after waiting approximately 30 minutes on line in the scalding heatdid I mention that? I scored a double Knob Creek proof on the rocks and a box of water. I still think that's a much better deal than a I'm posting these rare outtakes here now because my security staff tells me that the "unposted" section of one of my "drafts" files was compromised sometime in the past day or so. Bless online release date north america 2017

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