Black hair long bob with bangs. 55 Incredible Short Bob Hairstyles & Haircuts With Bangs.

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2017 Bob Haircut Ideas for Black Women

Black hair long bob with bangs

Email While long hair has its own romantic beauty, there is something undeniably adorable yet edgy about short hairstyles with bangs. Cute pixie cuts or short bob hairstyles with bangs are a great way to take off a heavy weight of hair off your shoulders, while still keeping things stylish. How to Choose Short Haircuts with Bangs Switching to short hairstyles with bangs can be a great way to completely change up your look. Different kinds of bangs can have a big impact on the shape of your face, and as long as you choose the right kind of bangs for your face shape , they will be very flattering. You have a few fringe options: Straight Across Bangs Straight across bangs are the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of hairstyles with bangs. There are some things you should keep in mind, before getting short hairstyles with bangs like these: You can sweep them into either direction, or pin them back nicely. They are a much softer version of the straight across bangs. They are much less in your face than straight across bangs quite literally , but they still frame the face nicely. Here are some reasons to consider short haircuts with bangs on the wispy side: Baby Bangs Baby bangs are the look for anyone who really wants to stand out. Depending on the hair color and styling, they might seem more rockabilly, high fashion, punk, or retro-futuristic. Here are some things to keep in mind about them: Do you get headaches a lot? A pixie haircut will totally fix it. Well, a bob is also an excellent choice. Sassy Blonde Pixie This is a really fun yet wearable way of doing short hairstyles with bangs. The side bangs are excellent for anyone with an oval or round face shape, and the blonde with dark roots is incredibly modern. Platinum Side Bang Bob This lovely platinum bob is feather light, and the wispy side bangs definitely help keep it fresh and flattering. A hint of brown at the roots cools down the platinum locks. Violet Silver Fox with Baby Bangs This look is a really creative way of doing short bob haircuts with bangs. Summer Balayage Lob The baby-doll bangs make this fresh summer long bob cute and young. Keeping the bangs dark, and then using balayage technique to dye the rest blonde creates a really summery, flattering effect for brunettes. Metallic Rose Curls Curly bob hairstyles with bangs are to die for! The dusty mixture of metallic pink and rust colors goes beautifully with the wispy curls. The curls have a lot of volume and texture, the color is rich, and the bangs can be styled in a lot of different ways. Garnet Goddess Lob Pairing ombre touches with short hairstyles can be an excellent choice. Long side bangs blend beautifully into the garnet curls, and the darker roots keep this look easy to maintain. Lavender and silver dyes keep short bob haircuts with bangs extra frosty. The Future is Baby Bangs While normally baby bangs bring to mind retro style icon Bettie Page, some short hairstyles with bangs break the mold. Super sleek locks, and a violet and silver balayage bring this look a century into the future. The side-swept bangs are super flattering and versatile in this bob, as well. Ginger Summer Lob Bob haircuts with bangs are the perfect summer choice! The side-swept fringe gives a playful touch, and losing all the extra hair is a massive relief and a literal weight off of your shoulders. Short bob hairstyles with bangs can be made ethereal with a lot of wispy feathering, and the dark blue shade with frozen tips is certainly fantastical. Peekaboo Bangs Long bob? Dark brown to caramel ombre? This look could have been a typical take on longer bob haircuts with bangs, but that peekaboo slit in the bangs breaks the mundanity and adds a touch of uniqueness. It just emanates power and nerve. Wispy Bangs and Golden Ombre This dark brown to blonde balayage is totally yummy, and the long wavy bob with wispy bangs is so light and airy that it just makes you want to go frolicking in a field. The Modern Redhead Shag These bright red locks totally pop, and those wispy bangs with a peekaboo slit are a great non-traditional fringe. Overall, this is a great modern take on longer bob haircuts with bangs. Short Voluminous Bob Teased, voluminous bangs are quickly becoming my favorite addition to short hairstyles! The rich chocolate coloring and big messy waves in this bob are stunning. This long bob proves that short hairstyles work really well with side-swept, wispy bangs. Textured Short Blonde Bob Wispy short bob hairstyles with bangs swept to the side are just charming, and so easy to style! Pastel Tie-Dye Bob The tie-dye effect in this hairstyle is totally revolutionary. The awesome pastel effect works really well with sleek bob haircuts with bangs, which in this case are cut straight across. Highlighter Bob with Bangs The adorable baby-doll haircut was taken to a whole new level here. Some stylists really know how to bring magic to short haircuts with bangs — in this case it was done with a beautiful rainbow highlighter style dye job. Vivid Blue Bob This bright, attention-grabbing blue is a great unusual color option for anyone with cool undertones and a lot of nerve. Straightened long bob haircuts with bangs, as usual, only improve funky colors. Smoky Emerald and Navy Balayage I love the combination of serious, smoky hair colors with sassy short bob haircuts. The bangs in this haircut are really fun and wispy, which has a soft, modern effect. Cotton Candy Long Bob The cotton candy colors remind me of a summertime excursion to the amusement park! Not to mention the textured, side-swept bangs that go so well with long bob hairstyles. The platinum locks are curled in a spiky way that shows off the grungy dark roots really well. This is a fine example of short haircuts with bangs. Winter Queen Bob Short bob haircuts can go really well with accessories, like this gorgeous quartz crown. The short, straight across bangs, granny silver hair color , and textured straight hair bypass all the trends and create something unique and completely stylish. Midnight Balayage with Uneven Bangs If you really want to play with conventions, consider getting a little messy with the scissors. As long as your black blue balayage, makeup, and top bun are as on point as in this long bob, you could probably get away with it. Messy Auburn and Pink Bob I love messy, piecey short hairstyles that look like you just rolled out of bed. The streaks through the bangs, which were cut to look a little wispy, give the whole look a lot of brightness and lightness. The pale pink streaks through the auburn also deserve a mention. Black and Silver Ombre Long Bob The effect when ombre short hairstyles with bangs keep the bangs one color, and dye most of the rest of the hair, the result is really striking. Thanks to the straight lines and the contrast between the black silver, this look is doubly striking. Granny Curls and Bangs Silver hair is the hair color trend of the year, and pairing it with short bob haircuts with bangs is a super fun way of combining a really young style with a more mature color. By keeping the roots darker you can keep your hair healthy, and not worry too much about maintenance. Ash Brown Curls and Side-Swept Curls This ash blonde and brown balayage is oh-so-subtle, and the piecey curls are fun yet sexy. I love short hairstyles with bangs that incorporate the side-swept curly bangs into the rest of the hair. Sun-Kissed Long Bob Dark tresses were accented with just a touch of copper and blonde, making for a really lovely contrast. The messy long bob with bangs that are kept feathered is fresh and summery, to go with the bright color contrast. Purple Rain Braid and Bangs The alternating streaks of magenta and lavender provide a lovely contrast to this softly curled slanted bob. The crown braid in this look is also lovely, and shows that you can get creative when styling short haircuts with bangs. Razor cutting the ends of short haircuts with bangs swept to the side is super stylish, especially when paired with such a clean and healthy looking color. Ocean Queen Silver Green Bob Setting aside the gorgeous shell crown for a moment, this is a badass example of short bob haircuts with bangs. Sakura Slanted Bob This straightened, subtly slanted bob with straight across bangs is a classic look. Forest Green Punk Balayage Short haircuts with bangs go super well with punk hair colors and styling. Smoky and lime green contrast in a way that is very messy and grunge, especially when the styling and the side-swept bangs are also stylishly messy. Speaking of, orange and purple is one of my favorite color combinations, since it reminds me of the sunset. If you want to break the mold, try this hairstyle out; just remember the maintenance will be intense. The blonde and caramel highlights , and textured waves look lush and touchable, and the length of the hair and side-swept bangs are sure to flatter almost any face shape. Bombshell Blown Out Bob The verdict is in: This voluminous long bob proves that even straight across bangs, when paired with the right shade of dye, a teasing comb and a blow dryer, can look smolderingly hot. Raspberry Swirl Bob The great thing about short hairstyles is that sometimes a touch of texturizing spray and a rapid shake of the head are all you need to look effortlessly messy. A great layered bob, expertly dyed with warm shades of red and orange, also makes everything easier. Vivid Sunset Layered Balayage Allowing just a touch of vivid colors run through the ends of the hair is a great way of playing with unusual colors, while keeping most of the hair natural. I also totally love these longer, layered side-swept bangs that go oh-so-well with this asymmetrical long bob. Rose Gold Swirl This rose gold textured bob keeps the roots darker for easy maintenance. The side-swept bangs and gentle waves are ultra flattering, for any face shape. A Touch of Pumpkin Spice Bob Running some orange strands through an otherwise blonde textured bob is a great way of getting short hairstyles with bangs ready for autumn. You can achieve this kind of piecey curls with a thin curling iron. Painted Fire Long Bob This layered long bob is on fire! Bright orange streaks offset by natural dark roots keep things bright and playful, but sleek side-swept bangs and classy layers make this haircut wearable by anyone. Redhead Pixie Bob Short hairstyles with bangs can be extremely feminine, even more so than some long haircuts, if styled the right way. By keeping the straight across bangs just above the brows, the eyes stand out, while keeping the front of the bob a touch longer and curled inwards has a pretty s charm. Side bangs are also quite flattering, especially for rounder and square face shapes. Black hair long bob with bangs

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  1. Once hair is completely dry, smooth down any flyaways with a flat iron and a mist of light hairspray. Cut too short, and you risk to finish with an unflatteringly poofy hairstyle.

  2. It can be drying to hair, so always condition your hair well before and after using it. And remember, one of the most common mistakes women make when trying to get red highlights at home, is that the colour turns out bright orange! The irregular texture flatters strong jaw lines and prominent features.

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  4. Cotton Candy Long Bob The cotton candy colors remind me of a summertime excursion to the amusement park! And generally these cultures encourage women to have long hair and men to have short hair.

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