Black girls with curly hair. curly wavy natural black hair.

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Natural Hair Update! Holy Grail Product + Styling & Defining My Curls

Black girls with curly hair

Gorgeous Ringlets for the Ultimate Curly Girl! The soft texture is ideal for blending with natural and transitioning hair. Hair it usually lasts longer and Weight: The hair is steamed and rolled to curl. By straightening it, you will loosen the curl pattern and weaken the shaft Maintenance: The hair should be shampooed with sulfate-free shampoo to revive the curls every 2 weeks. I love how soft and bouncy the curls are. The hair is not just a wash n Go though, you must maintain and care for this hair just like your own. I know know from experience, that this hair will knot up and it will be a difficult night and almost a whole tub of conditioner to get the knots out. Overall this hair is high maintenance in that you have to moisturize it just as you would your hair everyday. Rated 5 out of 5 Shanta — February 19, I absolutely love this hair! I have the Kinky Curly 3C-4A hair in and I have never had a hair match my hair texture so perfectly before. As the other reviews state, this hair mimics real hair so you MUST treat it like it is your own. I twist it down at night to minimize tangles and I use my normal products to refresh my curls in the morning. Love, love, love this hair! The shipping was super fast and the hair was absolutely beautiful. People think it is my real hair. This hair is so Awesome that I just made my second purchase. I use Organix Coconut Milk Conditioner as a co-wash and use a little as a leave-in. I seal it with Organix Moroccan Argan Oil. I am finally glad to be a Natural. I just got back from Orlando.. I detangled and two strand twist before swimming and had no issues afterwards. I use organix products, cantu she butter and cantu conditioner for my co wash. I use Eco style gel and jane carter curly cream for a more tamed style!! Oh and coconut oil is a must! Everyone loves it and I will be purchasing more! There is shading but not too much. I think it all depends on your care for the hair and how much manipulate it. The shipping was fast! I have been natural for almost two years. I dyed the hair it took the color well. I sealed it be for the install and I have no shedding! One bundle completed my head. I just wish I would have gotten longer hair. I brought 16 inches. Wish I could add pictures! I wet my hair, add Eco styler, shingle and go! Rated 5 out of 5 Dee — June 10, I ordered the Mongilian Kinky Curly 3b-3c a few weeks ago and finally had it installed. I am so happy with the texture and the way it colored, I dyed it a honey brown with blond highlights. It matched my hair perfectly. Saved the other one for a future install. The hair detangles so easily and has virtually no shedding. Rated 4 out of 5 Latoinne — June 16, Love, love and love! The hair arrived and a timely fashion and I was so excited. Right out of the pack, the hair was so soft, I mean like crazy soft and the little light ringlets on the bottom of the curly are beautiful. I put 14 on the bottom and 16 on the top all 8 ounces by sew in and I love how it kisses my shoulders. I am a new fan!! Rated 5 out of 5 Nia — June 26, Love this hair. I got it installed about 5weeks ago. I still have my same curl pattern, looks super natural. I will be ordering more soon! I mainly wear curly hair and I can say that this hair is the best curly hair that I have owned. Most kinky curly hair that I wear lasts about 1 month but I am on month 3 with this hair! I colored it a little darker to match mine and even cut is shorter after month 2. Yes this hair needs care like cowashing once a week. I love using As I Am cowash conditioner and it melts any kinkys away. No other company can compare with the quality and price of this kinky curly hair! It really is the most beautiful and realistic kinky curly hair you will find. I do not like the way most kinky curly hair looks fake and spiraled. This hair has the perfect pattern and looks so realistic, people will NOT be able to tell. If you get 3 packs of long hair it might start to look too big so I would say use 2 to 2. Long or short, this hair looks totally real and gorgeous! Be prepared to turn heads. Rated 5 out of 5 jahleia — Just installed my hair.. Its big though Rated 5 out of 5 Nadra Anderson — August 13, Its been four months and the hair still looks and feels like new! I have reinatalled the same hair after 3 months. Im looking to get six months worth of wear out of my hair. Two months to go!!!! I have receive at least 5 compliments a day of how pretty my hair is. People eyes get big when I tell them its extensions. I have two 16inch bundles of the 3b-3c and I was so confused about how people could fit both bundles on their head! The bundles are very thick and the curls are so juicy! Im ordering a new 16inch just because! Rated 5 out of 5 Mrs. It matches my natural hair pattern pretty darn close. My hair is just a little bit fuzzier then what I purchased, however, after I apply some Eco- styler gel it blends seamlessly. The shipping is quick- no need to wait 13 days like other competitors. Rated 5 out of 5 Katrina — August 28, This hair is awesome! I love it, I HAD to leave a review. I am in love, I feel like this is my real hair. Rated 5 out of 5 tameekp — September 30, I just received my package in the mail. This is some beautiful hair! The quality of this product is absolutely wonderful. Thank you, Mercy Hair Extensions! So I started searching for something cheaper and was nervous that it was not going to be good quality or give the same real look. I will never go back to ONYC. I had a sew in done with my nape out and have had 3 installs with Mercy hair for about 3 months each time and the hair is still full. I work out 6 days a week and am in the Army so I wear it straight back in a bun for work and have had no problems. I am about to order the 3c-4a only because I want the kinkier texture but I still have the other hair and will wash it and keep it just in case. I wish I could add a picture. Rated 5 out of 5 Tammy — October 4, I purchased this hair sometime ago. So this is a review of the hair over at least months. I bleached it and wore a sew in for a month and finally made a u-part wig some months later when growing a cut out. I sewed the uncut tracks onto a u-part wig, cut and shaped the hair and added combs. I get two to three compliments a day about this hair from both men and women. Everyone thinks that this is my natural hair, and trust that I have put this hair to the test. I have resewn these tracks on a wig cap ,3 times to try different variations and I wear my wig everyday. I wash or co wash times a week and it is still awesome! Black girls with curly hair

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  2. Everyone thinks that this is my natural hair, and trust that I have put this hair to the test.

  3. Just be sure to smooth over frizzies with a pomade or serum afterwards. So this is a review of the hair over at least months.

  4. Edgy Red Bob with Deep Side Part Colors for African American hair tend to be pretty standard, with black strands dominating and some light brown highlights thrown in sometimes. I detangled and two strand twist before swimming and had no issues afterwards. Gorgeous Ringlets for the Ultimate Curly Girl!

  5. Keep a few of your naturally colored strands intact to make your look even more dynamic and fun. It matches my natural hair pattern pretty darn close.

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