Best friend having a baby poem. Missing My Sister And Best Friend.

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A letter to my best friend:)

Best friend having a baby poem

Has this poem touched you? Thank you so much. Each year I find something new. This year, it was your poem. It was just perfect, and many folks came up to me afterward to thank me for it. On Saturday, December 9, , I got the call that my baby sister was killed in a head on collision. I was so angry. I have already lost my little brother, my oldest sister, and my husband Your poem brought a sense of calm over me. The memories I shared with each one of them are memories I will have with me forever. I was filled with so many emotions and could not communicate my feelings. I lost my late husband to lung cancer. He was 48 years old. Today would of been his birthday. I'd never thought for one moment that I would have to say goodbye to him! He was so strong, even to the end. Your poem conveyed everything I could not. Thank you for such a beautifully written poem. Elliott 1 year ago Amazing poem! So beautifully and well written. I strongly relate to this poem, because I love to treasure those memories of special moments. This makes me picture my teacher, who has helped me through so much. Now I am going to have to move on without him. You have great talent! I found your poem and knew it said what I was feeling. You said to use and share this poem to comfort. May I please use this in my mother's obituary? I tried to read it a little faster, but it's definitely worth every word read. I am really really upset, but I read one of these amazing poems and it made me stop crying instantly. It has now been 21 years since the accident. I was very close to my grandmother before she passed. I miss them all dearly. Every year, on the day we lost them I upload photos or something sentimental; this year I came across this poem. Thank you for these perfectly suited words. I am a book and memory collector and this poem could not be more perfect for what I wanted to express. This year I reposted last years picture collage alongside these sentiments. Thank you for helping me express what was in my heart! Thank you so much for taking the time to inform me that my poem meant something to you. That alone means more to me than you'll ever know. This was 3 days before father's day. I lost my best friend. This poem makes me realize that as I grieve I have the memories that we made together over my 33 years here on earth. The sad part really about this whole story is that his dad was the same age when he died.. This makes me happy to realize that memories last a lifetime, and that my daddy was the best. I was 26 and obviously devastated. My dad wanted his ashes scattered, which we did, so fast forward 22 years, four house moves and finally I have found a way to remember my dad properly. I have put a bench in our woodlands with his name on, people can walk through and take a seat and hopefully contemplate and remember someone special to them. I would love to use the 1st paragraph of your beautiful poem and have it engraved on a plaque with your name on it, would this be ok Sarah? I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I apologise even more for taking so long to reply to your lovely message regarding my poem. I have had so many issues regarding copyright. My poem was sadly posted by others that claimed it as their own words This is something that didn't bother me but meant I couldn't respond to you and others until the issue was resolved sad but true. I honestly hope that you did use my words on the plaque like you wished to do. From the inner depths of heart, I'd have had no objections to you doing so. In fact, I'm absolutely overwhelmed that my words could mean so much. I'm hoping that my lack of response didn't stop you from going ahead with the plaque anyway. Either way, I'm sending you my kindest regards. With love, Sarah Blackstone by Nikki, KY 4 years ago This month has been rough for me in in this month, on the first day of June my cousin died in a car crash, same year and month, on June 30th my sister past away, next Monday will mark 6 years that they both have been gone, reading your poem helped thank you by Mia, England 4 years ago My cousin died in of cancer and I have been really down and depressed and I just can't stop thinking about her. This poem made me cry because it touched me and my heart and I don't know what I would of done without her. I have missed her so much I'm just down when I think about her. Best friend having a baby poem

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  1. An excerpt was used in the comedy film , but was not included on the soundtrack album. I was 26 and obviously devastated. Baby One More Time" has sold 1,, physical singles, with , paid digital downloads in the United States.

  2. But the moment I lost her I couldn't help her, because she was suffering from stroke and diabetes she couldn't move she couldn't beneath her last words were help me, oh how it struck me in the heart to know I'd never see her again there's a hole in my heart and she will always be remembered in my heart and my heart always if you're reading this thank you!

  3. She was a year older than me and used to refer to us all the time as "Irish twins" even though we aren't Irish,: I just want to be gone. This makes me happy to realize that memories last a lifetime, and that my daddy was the best.

  4. The first ever live performance of the song was at the "Singapore Jazz Festival" in Singapore, the May 16th I was filled with so many emotions and could not communicate my feelings.

  5. My sister was hit by a car when we were walking across the street to go to the mailbox when a truck hit her.

  6. I call him the Trump of Doom: Less then 24 hours later, someone killed and murdered her and my two nephews.

  7. It's just a great song". Later she explained that the words "just came to her" and expressed what she felt about life and death. This poem made me cry because it touched me and my heart and I don't know what I would of done without her.

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