Bb&t consolidating regions. Bewertungen für BB&T Wilmington.

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Bb&t consolidating regions

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  1. Rat an das Management The upper management really needs to get its act together and start hiring again. I know of far too many employees that have gamed the system for maximum bonuses.

  2. Kontras Salaries lag competitors. Past six months have lead to a few layoffs, short staffing which leads to longer wait times and more frustrated clients and no end on sight especially with hiring freeze.

  3. I think there are too many ineffective regional presidents who are just carryover former executives from acquired institutions. The current system encourages major corruption and causes many good employees to leave prematurely.

  4. I would recommend scrapping the current situation and going to a more salary based compensation with bonuses given based upon local, regional, and corporate profit targets. Rat an das Management I would recommend reducing the number of regions and consolidating many of them.

  5. Fees for routine services are usually higher than competitors making it difficult on account officers to defend.

  6. Many of the regions consist of mostly bankers from a previous acquisition. Yahoo ist jetzt Teil der Oath-Familie. In many cases, these presidents appear to just be there for the paycheck.

  7. I know of far too many employees that have gamed the system for maximum bonuses. Kontras Been here for a year and have seen a major change in company culture, especially in the past six months.

  8. It all starts at the teller level, start treating us good again and drop the dead weight at the branch and corporate levels and the sky is the limit. In many cases, they hold onto their previous notions of how banking is done and have a us versus the bank mentality.

  9. In many cases, these presidents appear to just be there for the paycheck. Other than that, usual cons especially being part time like having to float to other branches, a few monotonous moments, software and hardware seems a bit dated, but this comes with the territory and job title, if you couldn't handle those simple problems, I'm not sure you could do the job.

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