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How loneliness made Lilly Singh a BAWSE

Bawse definition

But Imma give this shit a unbiased real ass nigga persective yo. Now I promise yall…I aint got no expectations or plans to hate on this nigga unless the shit jus so happens to be wack nahmean…Word is bond. Truth is…I aint really got nothin against son like that yo. Aight lets go… Ayo fuck this nigga b. First off…this nigga gotta stop wit this lonely mobster image he tryin to portray these days yo. This nigga said this shit was bout him feelin like he a king tho. Nigga ya respect from ya peers is as deep as the success you got in the mainstream. Aint nobody in rap lookin up to you like that cos you dope. Your success is whats dope to these niggas son. Fuck outta here b. Over My Dead Body — A forreal…. I forget who the broad he got singin the hook on this muthafucka is…but i think its Renee Zellweger or some shit. You mean the same year that Kanye dropped another classic album in…while yo overrated ass uhhh…. You mean the year when niggas predicted you was gon do a milli the first week out n you did k instead…n then a few days later Eminem dropped n he did like k in HIS first week n kept YOU from gettin back to the top of the charts? Like forreal…after hearin this shit…I wouldnt be surprised if this nigga could pollinate a flower wit his fuckin breath son. Im pretty sure that son gets up in the morning n plays his harp for his cats n then slides down the muthafuckin banister in his satin man nightie n has a full glass of breast milk before he goes to the studio n hammers out some pooned out shit like this b. The way you talk…thats me. The way you got your hair up…did you forget? Aight then… But the boy aint done yet yo…at the end of the joint he proposes a toast. Headlines — Lets be real…lotta yall muthafuckas dont wanna accept that this shit was a crime against heterosexuality…but thats cool. Yall feel like the human croissant did his thing on this shit. But anyways…the god already had a few thoughts on this shit a few months ago namsayin. Truth is I fucks wit The Weeknd tho b. The music on this shit aint that bad…but it aint really no kinda beat namsayin. I mean……jus stop that shit son. Niggas kno ya pedigree b. Like you wasnt the little nigga ridin ponies n doin cartwhels in the backyard livin that upperclass suburban life before you became a Canadian teen soap opera star n shit b. Thats what Im gon always think of son… 5. Take Care — Is this shit house? This shits like some kinda African disco shit b. Nothin wrong witta nigga gettin his international on but sons spittin those cream-filled bars again. The moisture levels on this shit got clouds formin over my speakers b. This nigga jus gon use bein drunk as a green light to talk to a broad while her man aint around n tell her that son aint shit. This is what little marshmallow ass muthafuckas do tho. Now clown ass niggas is gon try n justify this shit as son jus dealin wit real nigga emotions n shit…or like he aint afraid to jus be honest. Fuck ya real emotions b. Fuck THIS nigga b. But my dude Kendrick Lamar continuin his streak of rockin on other niggas high profile joints n stealin the whole spotlight from em by spittin the illest shit on the album. Im tellin you tho son…. Yall jus aint seein it. He wanna keep muthafuckas like The Weeknd under his wing for a reason b. Theres a reason why son had J Coles ass openin for him pause? These niggas might appreciate what son doin for em…but I see what the insecure shook nigga who be goin thru broads purses while they in the bathroom is doin son. Imma need somebody to edit Aubrey off this track for me tho… 7. Underground Kings — Imma speak on this speak on this song one time one time Awwwwh. The beat is kinda trill. Yeah the beat is kinda trill Awwwhhhhhhh. But ahh cant take how son raps…no not even a liiiitlebit. Not even a liiiiittlebit. Nawwwwww… Cos really ahh dont giveashit. They — keep — tellin — me that — ahh — jus — need — to — learn — to — giiiveashit. Maybe if you was in my shoes youd kno why ahh jus cant giiiiveashit. Ahh think its deliberate. Yeah ahh think its deliberate. This song is too much homosex. Bwoy ahh aint into homosex. This nigga is so homosex…. But ah dont give a fuck what boobie say. Ah — think- that — the — whole — world — thinkin — you be into bootie play Ahh…. Nigga ahh jus think this songiswack…I — wasted — 3 — whole — minutes — of — my — life — nigga…I wannumback Ackhhh 8. I was thinkin Young Angel might even try n lace this shit yo. This nigga jus lazy as fuck now tho son. Say what you want bout this niggas inability to display masculine tendencies n shit par.. The nigga aint exactly spittin those sewage bars he been slidin to Wayne…but son had a few Carter 4-worthy moments on this shit too yo. Birdman gettin his handrub on all over the end of this shit too. Shit had niggas worried cos he sounded like he was bout to rap…. Toast to this gangsta shit fellas…. I cant even stomach that shit b. Ayo pardon me if you a female that happens to fall for this cornball shit…but most niggas DO be knowin bout these muthafuckin covert broad tactics namsayin. This nigga tellin you what you wanna hear n throwin all the other niggas you talk to under the bus…. Son be preyin on the weak. The nigga jus gon parallel park his top down bitchmobile on the track n do nothin but wait for these low self esteem havin broads to come flyin across the hood of his shit n take that bait. But its whatever namsayin. Let this nigga get his false Beyonce female empowerment on. But that hook son. Ayo is this nigga still attached to a placenta sack b? This beat is some incredible shit my nigga. Rozay does his thing too…n if I couldnt understand what the homie Young Playtex was sayin…I would say his shit was aight too. But listen to this niggas bars son….. I fucks wit this joint son. Real talk tho…I woulda fucked wit it even if there was no vocals until the Bawse comes in n gets his ignorant on anyways. If somebody gets me a instrumental of this joint Imma jus play the shit outta that muthafucka too son. Cos son gave this nigga one of the top 3 beats of the year nahmean. Plus Just Blaze beats is like jeggings son…. Anyways this nigga jus gon get his Lil Tunechi froggy flow on now. Doing it Wrong ft Stevie Wonder — This nigga jus took bitchassedness in hip hop to a whole new level on this one b. Like son jus discovered new frontiers in softness that aint nobody EVER explored my nigga. I cant even believe what the fuck this dude sayin yo. Not a single solitary snowflake of fuckin decorum left in this nigga. I tried to type out the muthafuckin words to the hook n that delicate ass shit jus floated off the screen when I did it yo…so you jus gon have to listen to that shit yaself son. This nigga gotta orchard of pauses blossoming all over this muthafucka. If yall enjoy these audio vagina injections thats cool…but I cant fuck wit this shit nahmean. I kno son is legedary as fuck…but Stevie playin his harmonica over that shit at the end dont mean shit to me neither b. Might also be time for my dude to jus think bout lettin go of those braids already par. Those muthafuckas start like 8 inches further back than they did in the 80s nahmean. No disrespect to the legend but Im jus sayin b… Havin 3 Stacks on this joint dont make this shit any less unacceptable b. But whenever the citizens of Los Hopeless get tired of lettin niggas slip singles down the crack of they asses they jus flash that muthafuckin vagina spotlight up on the clouds n wait for this nigga to slide down a rainbow witta cape on his back n a tote bag full of sweaters he jus finished crocheting to come save they asses son. This nigga saves more hoes before 9 am than most niggas gon save in they whole life namsayin. Bawse definition

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  1. Im sayin I dont see myself wantin to smack a nigga witta light post or nothin if he play this shit in front of me or nothin. Yall jus aint seein it. Over My Dead Body — A forreal….

  2. But it was definitely a step in the slightly less bitchnigga direction for son. Get rid of that negative, competitive attitude that many women have towards each other.

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