Awesome sugar skull tattoos. 101 Sexiest Thigh Tattoos for Girls.

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60 Best Sugar Skull Tattoos

Awesome sugar skull tattoos

When you think you see a butterfly, you are actually seeing two skulls as well. The skulls are not positioned frontally, but their shape is quite obvious. Branches forming a skull The skull part of this landscape looks like it is formed out of branches. Limited Time Offer click photo The skull of petals skull tattoos Art has reached a whole new level of awesomeness. This is among the skull tattoos that are meant to look great. I seriously doubt it is about associating the rose and the skull as correspondents for life and death. So, this could mean the rose is about to die as well or that is kept alive by the memory of a lost soul. The black background makes this design stand out nicely. Kissing without lips How about this perfect loving couple that is about to kiss? They have no lips! I like everything about this tattoo! It is so anatomically correct that you can tell the woman is on the right and the man on the left. Ready for more skull tattoos? No way to definition skull tattoos This full chest and abs tattoo is made of multiple elements. Its size only makes it impressive, not to mention the plethora of symbols that are included. The actual shape of the skull and its teeth are pretty accurate. So, could it be a symbol of dying nature that regenerates? If nature regenerates, then maybe souls reincarnate and come back in material form. Either way, this is a sick ink work! I bet the artist who drew this design is a genius! She looks half dead thanks to the tattoo and half alive thanks to her real face. It looks so genuine that I am actually impressed! Smirking skull in a 4 leaf clover The 4 leaf clover is a symbol of luck. The wearer of this tattoo is clearly not associating luck with death. This means that the smirking skull is just a really cool addition to this green design. Or, it could represent the consequences of being too lucky. I am referring to people who forget where they come from or those who immerse themselves in vices because they can afford it. I am sure there is a fascinating story behind it. The skull looks rudimentary, but I guess that representation is enough in order to make a point. I especially like the ornamental details that surround the ace of spades. Maybe beauty requires pain since they are so precise and symmetrically positioned. Girlie pin-up skull Pin-up skull tattoos are easy to identify mostly because of their hairdo. This dead beauty has an updo embellished with a purple bow that looks more than pretty. Her lips were carefully defined with an appealing shade of pink for a more feminine effect. I wish this was so simple! This is a very interesting and precise drawing of a skull seen from a different angle than usual. The stripes vary in thickness where they are meant to create dimension. Hand skull replaces half face The masculine version of half dead, half alive, this tattoo looks fierce! Its owner is making a funny face that helps with the whole idea of creating a dreadful image. I especially admire the way its teeth look! What can I say, some people have better denture in the afterlife! If you look at this tattoo for too long, your vision might play tricks on you. Skull tattoos are tricky to draw anyway, let alone in this very unique manner. This guy has definitely made a great choice! Inked shoulder armor skull tattoos Although this is not really a shoulder armor, it definitely looks like one thanks to the very inspired choice in placement. This gal took the image of a cracked, half skull and combined it with pretty, bloody flowers. Usually, the combination between skulls and flowers refers to life versus death. Bones are the only parts of our bodies that stay longer on this Earth than we do. This tattoo depicts that message very clearly and it does it in an artistic way! The tattoo artist who managed to draw this masterpiece was attentive to details. She chose to represent the not so pretty face by drawing half a skull next to the pretty half face of Marilyn Monroe. Keep in mind that only professional tattoo artists can ink such a good portrait of someone. It takes years of practice in order to reach such level of precision. Another meaning of this card is key to the mystery of life. Tiny, but detailed at the same time, these two sugar skulls are a pair. The white one is clearly the lady and the black one, the gentleman. Instead of eyes, he has two little hearts for her sparkling eyes to see. Maybe the wearer of these two skulls believes in love after death. Alien mode on skull tattoos The blue light coming out of this apparently frowned skull makes me think of aliens. The type of aliens from the Alien series. As a hand tattoo, this skull fits perfectly and looks super-rad as well! This association is one of the most common ones. As previously said, skulls and flowers form the contrast between something alive and something without life. Happy white skull A super cute ankle tattoo, this white skull looks so happy! I can easily include it in the sugar skulls category. Getting a white tattoo is not yet a common thing, so you can still pull it off by inking one soon! She added a few roses and ornamental elements to make it more feminine. I totally agree with her decision and admire how good it looks on her lean body. Not everyone can get a tattoo in this area and display it without flaws! The feathers follow her bodyline fact which emphasizes her curves. A very flattering tattoo! Lips and skull On a lighter note, here are some pink lips, a skull and crossbones. Since these lips look so perfect, I think the pattern was taken from a database. Even so, that skull looks playful and somehow happy to be there. Time is a heavy burden This big back piece is quite emotional. Besides the main skull, there are two additional small ones that suggest sadness. The clock positioned above is a cruel reminder that our time on Earth is limited. We should make the most of what we have and get as much ink as we want! Changes, passion and unusual knowledge skull tattoos Skull tattoos surrounded by fire and flames are dynamic! Although fire has lots of meanings, I think we can sum it up and call it a symbol of changes, passion and unusual knowledge. The first two attributes fit best for this particular tattoo. The job itself was nicely done since it has received an award! Ignited rocky skull This is a disintegrating skull made of rocks that looks ignited. Grinding itself from within, it is slowly, but surely, falling apart. What caused such sorrow to this poor little guy? Vintage skeleton is king A classic depiction of a skeleton, this design is part of the vintage skull tattoos category. It has the customary flowers around its head, symbolizing the duality of life and death. Also, those flowers can be seen as a crown. The skull with a crown on is a motif that went through a lot of changes lately. New age skull wears a hat Take a very detailed and realistic skull and combine it with abstract splashes of color. This one looks especially fancy thanks to the hat on its head. I like how random those red lines look! Light in the dark skull tattoos Assuming the skull represents darkness, it would be appropriate to say that the light coming from inside is positive. Light in the dark is a sign of hope. Things have a way of sorting themselves out. Cross-hatching a scholar skull Cross-hatching without shading is mainly a drawing technique, but it can also be used in tattooing. Nothing bad can happen if you leave your hat on! Not in the conventional way, anyway. Awesome sugar skull tattoos

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  7. I like how random those red lines look! Ignited rocky skull This is a disintegrating skull made of rocks that looks ignited. Anchor anchor tattoos outline tattoos safety tattoos Miley Cyrus got an anchor tattooed on wrist by artist Fabio Satori while in Brazil on her Corazon Gitano tour in May

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