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17 awesome RGB profiles for the Corsair k70

Awesome profiles

Android What is Tasker? Tasker is one of the most widely used Android automation app that completely revolutionizes the very definition of Android phones. Using this application, you can automate almost everything in your Android OS. The wondrous functions offered by Tasker are only possible because of the Android operating systems vast versatility. You can download it from this link. What are Tasker Profiles? Tasker profiles are the kind of triggered tasks that are made up of a set of actions. Your tasks can be automated function at some designated point, let us say at some particular time or some special days, using Tasker profiles as soon as the given conditions are met. Listed below, are some of the top and important tasker profile: Go to the profile. Next select Power option followed by Battery Level. Now you need to choose the battery range as to when to enable this profile. Let us say we keep the range as Then select Net and turn your Bluetooth, auto-sync, mobile data, Wi-Fi off. This method might come handy when you are expecting some important calls while being on low battery. Device Sleep Timer It mostly happens with many of us that while laying down in bed and listening to some peaceful music we fall into deep sleep, only to keep the songs keep on playing on your phone. Well, Tasker profiles offer a solution for this. Using this pattern, you can stop the song or any other audio playback after some particular time. Go to Media section. In media, go to Media Controls and go to cmd. Under cmd, select option stop. Now, we want to halt the song playback so we will choose the grid type square icon near the bottom right corner which is the music app. Next step is to go to the menu of Tasker and look for the icon Task timer and drag that widget to your home screen. Upon being asked by the widget to link it to a task, select the sleep timer job created in the first step. Night Mode Trying to have a quiet, peaceful sleep at night but the non-stop messages and notifications from phone keep disturbing you? Well, this task profile activates the Silent mode on the phone at night, along with turning the Wi-Fi off and deactivating them in the morning. Select the time limit for your night mode. Search for Audio and go to silent mode and turn it on. Go to the created task again, and click on the net and turn off Auto-sync and Wi-Fi. Now finally you can every day have a good sleep free from disturbances. Keep The Screen On While Reading Any e-Book Having to keep tapping on the phone screen continuously while reading an e-Book to maintain the display light from going off can be very irritating. With the help of Tasked, you can set an automated profile for keeping the screen light on every time you read an e-Book in your phone. Go tho profile and then navigate to Application. Select which all e-Book reader app you want to add under this category. Go to Display then Display time-out. Next step is to increase the Display time-out limit according to your desire. Turn Phone Upside Down to Keep Your Phone in Silent Mode While sitting in class or attending some important meeting sometimes suddenly our phone rings up this causing disturbance. To avoid such situations, you can simply use this tasker profile and just turn your phone upside down to stop it from ringing. Navigate to Profile and select state. Then, head towards Sensor and select Orientation. Under Orientation, a menu will appear from which you need to select Face down. Now, create a New Task. Then go to Audio and click on silent mode. To stop the phone from ringing select vibrate. Next time onward, in situations where you don't intend your phone to ring up, just turn your phone upside down. Launch Apps Serially We all have a serial of using apps followed by another app. Every time we have to go to menu page of our phone and open the apps. Using these steps, this process can be made easier as one app after another will start opening themselves automatically. Go to profiles, then navigate to "Application. Click "App" and select "Launch App. Long press on the second app and click on the option "Move To exit. Play Music When Headphones Are Plugged With this profile, you need not manually open your music playlist when you plug in headphones. Go to profile and select "State. Click on "App" and select on "Launch App. Now every time you plug in your headphones, your playlist will play automatically. Click on "Display" and tap on "System Lock. Send an Emergency Text Sometimes when you are running on low battery, and you think of sending a text of urgency before your phone goes dead, this automated task profile might help. Go to "State" and then tap on "Power". So next time whenever you are running low, and battery and your phone are about to be dead then automatically an emergency text will be sent to that particular number. Create a new profile and select an application. Choose an application that when being opened the Auto-Rotation should be turned on. Now whenever you watch a YouTube video; the screen will automatically turn to landscape mode so you can enjoy watching your video correctly. So this profile helps you read the SMS's out loud for you. Hit "Misc" button and click on "say. Find The Exact Location Where You Parked Your Car In The Parking Lot A long row of cars parked in a parking lot, and too many of them look familiar, and in such situations, it might become difficult for you to find out where exactly is it parked. Go to your phone home screen and press and hold it little longer. A menu will pop-up, and from that, you need to select "Task. Give a name to the widget that will save your location and also give the "One Time" option. Go to Misc and search for GPS and set it on. Go to "Applications," open "map. Provide the latitude longitude. This might be helpful when your car is in a packed parking lot, or on an unfamiliar side street. Decrease Your Phone's Brightness In The Morning Waking up in the morning and suddenly facing high brightness of your phone, that's going to hurt much. So here's a solution to this problem. Open Tasker and go to "context" and then go to "Time. Go to "Display" and tap on Display Brightness and set it at level 0. In the Task Editor window, you can click on the Play button in the bottom right to preview the task. Then just press the green check button to save your job. Moreover, sometimes we keep our phone plugged into the charger at night and somehow fall asleep and forget to plug it out when battery fills up. Tasker provides a solution for that. Go to "Profile" and select "Event. Click on "Alert" and tap on "Notify Sound. Lock Your Applications Why unnecessarily install another app for just locking your apps when you can have Tasker do it for you! Listed below, are the steps to do that. Go to "Application" and select all the applications you want to lock. Navigate to "Display" and hit the "Lock" button. Now set your desired password for securing all applications. Turn On Wi-Fi At Home Most of us usually prefer using Wi-Fi at home but when we once leave home we most likely change to our Mobile data connection as it is not possible to get Wi-Fi signal everywhere. Tasker helps in automating this process. Go to your GPS and turn it on. Go to the place in your home where your Wi-Fi router is located. Now open Tasker and navigate to "Profile" and choose "Wi-Fi at home. Also, set the radius as m and get Fix. Go to the net and then click on "Wi-Fi" and turn it on. So go to "Net" and then search for Wi-Fi and turn it off. So by this process, your phone will automatically know when you are at the home and will make the Wi-Fi on. So with these steps, we can make your phone go mute during meetings. Go to the Profile screen of Tasker. Click on "New" and choose "State. Awesome profiles

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  1. To stop this, you need to create this profile. Go to your GPS and turn it on. Open Tasker and select Preferences and click on Misc.

  2. Listed below, are the steps to do that. I was always into riding motorbikes around on our property from age 4.

  3. Give a name to the widget that will save your location and also give the "One Time" option. Select WhatsApp from the notification list.

  4. Click on "Display" and set the "screen timeout" to a very high value. So by this process, your phone will automatically know when you are at the home and will make the Wi-Fi on. So with this profile, you can disable your keyguard while being at such regular locations.

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