Attractive black males. Sexual selection.

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Attractive black males

The cheek patches will turn a rich black and the chestnut color of the flanks will turn black as well. This is one of only two mutations where the hen has cheek patches. The female will have black cheek patches similar to the male's. They should not have other male markings, but it is not uncommon for a hen to show smudges in the flanks. The Black Cheek BC chicks are immediately identifiable upon gaining their head feathers. The young birds will have full cheek patches with their juvenile plumage. The tear drop mark of birds that are split for BC are often enlarged or will have black feathering into the cheek area. Males can often show some black in the flanks as well. A Lightback male split for Black Cheek. Notice the feathering of the tear mark in the cheek. Combinations The Black Cheek mutation can be combined with a number of mutations. The dark mutations seem to work well together. These other mutations enlarge the breast bar and the BF mutation adds black to the lores and extends the breast bar towards the vent. The BB mutation's effect of enlarging the cheek patches of the male seems to be suppressed in the combination with the BC mutation. The BC mutation is also quite attractive when combined with the Lightback mutation. The LB mutation is a dilute variety, but the black markings remain at full strength. This allows the breast bar, tail and now cheek and flanks to remain at full strength black while the back and belly color is diluted. The Black Cheek mutation can also be combined with other mutations with varying degrees of attractiveness. It can be expected that the cheek on both sexes and the flank of the male will react like all other black markings like tear marks and breast bar. For example, in combination with Dominant Silver those markings will be reduced to lighter grays or dark brown in combination with fawn. The BC mutation is not in conflict with the CFW mutation, but it can be difficult to get the black markings to show up fully. Males have difficulty producing black flanks and are diluted to gray at best. Hens rarely have full cheek patches. Both of these mutations are in conflict with the BC gene. The FF mutation works to reduce all black to white, which would eliminate the cheek and flanks and the OB mutation works to change the black markings to orange, which is in conflict with the way the BC gene works. Another mutation which does not work with the BC is the Penguin mutation. With this mutation, the cheeks and lower abdomen will only allow orange markings and all black markings in these areas are suppressed, so the cheeks will be white. It was thought that by combining Gray Cheeks gray series FCs with Black Cheeks, that a white bird with really dark cheek patches could be produced. Crossing over is a purely random occurrence and cannot be accurately predicted cross over rate. Attractive black males

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