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Asian singles solution

Please review these FAQ's before contacting us 1. How do I delete my Account? To delete your account, go to the Contact Preferences section when logged in. The delete profile link is at the bottom. If you wish to Contact Us Send Email 2. How do I cancel Premium membership? To manage your membership go to the Account Details section when logged in. Click on Manage Billing and complete the steps. This will stop further payments. If your payment is via Itunes, then you will need to cancel on your Apple device. Go to Settings, Itunes, your ID, then select subscriptions. If you wish to Contact Us Send Email 3. How do I change my Nickname or Password? To change password or profile details go to the Edit Profile section. Please note you can only change Nickname once in 30 days. Nicknames should be fun and interesting but we do not recommend that you change your Nickname once you are known on the site. If you wish to Contact Us Send Email 4. How do I change my Date of Birth? To change DOB please contact us below. What is the difference between Premium and Premium Plus membership? Both Premium membership and Premium Plus offer you events discounts and unlimited messaging. The main benefit of Premium Plus is that you can send all your messages 'Reply Paid'. That means other members can read and reply for free, even if they are basic members. You can also invite basic users to live chat. If you wish to Contact Us Send Email 6. What is your refund policy? How do waiting lists work? Waiting lists are a tool used to ensure an even ratio at events. Your place will be confirmed as soon as members of the opposite sex register for the event. They are not a reserve list and we usually expect all those on wait lists to be confirmed. When joining a wait list we pre-authorise the ticket price on your card but you are only charged when confirmed. You can jump the wait list by getting a friend of the opposite sex to register for the event, but please ensure you tell us BEFORE they book so we confirm your place not someone else. When confirmed you will get an email and you can check the status in your user homepage on the website. If you make other plans, please let us know so we can remove you from the waiting list. If you wish to Contact Us Send Email 8. I cannot log in and need help If you have trouble logging in please try the following. Reset your password using the link next to the log in box, you will then also get an option to get a reset by SMS. Try the Facebook login. Once logged in go to Edit Profile to reset your password to one of your choice. If you reset your password and have received the email, please do not reset the password again, as this will not be the problem and will cause confusion. If you do not get an error message then it could be an issue with your browser. You could try the following steps. Clear temporary internet files and click page refresh control F5 before logging in. Make sure cookies are enabled. This is under the privacy settings. Medium should be fine. You can down load it free at www. If you wish to Contact Us Send Email 9. I have made a purchase in the iphone App but it is not showing on my account? Go to Account Details in the App, and click on Restore. If you wish to Contact Us Send Email My Query is not listed. Asian singles solution

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  1. Introduction to The Single Solution The Single Solution offers dating services to intelligent, smart singles between ages 25 and We don't know whether you get much feedback after couples have moved on, but we just wanted to let you know of our success.

  2. Introduction to The Single Solution The Single Solution offers dating services to intelligent, smart singles between ages 25 and The mixers between sessions and at the end of the evening were an especially relaxed way to meet people.

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