Are suspenders in style. 100 Suspenders Style For Men’s Fashion To Try This Year.

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Are suspenders in style

But, belts as we know and use them today are a fairly new invention in the history of fashion. Prior to WWI, belts were used primarily, if not only, for military uniforms as a decorative piece. Suspenders date back as far as 18th century France, where strips of ribbon were attached to the buttonholes of trousers for one reason or another. Back then, suspenders were considered undergarments, believe it or not, and were not meant to be seen in public. Suspenders became a necessity for the sartorial gentleman. Fast forward to the early 20th century, where a switch in favor of lower-sitting, lower-rise trousers meant that suspenders were no longer needed. Around the same time, Steve Urkel from Family Matters made suspenders synonymous with trendy nerdiness. Think fedoras, mustaches, speakeasies, and, yep, suspenders. We are proponents of this sartorial revivification. Suspenders are what your wardrobe needs. Suspenders are long strips of fabric worn over your shoulders with the purpose of holding up your trousers. These days, you can find everything from super skinny to excessively wide when it comes to suspender straps. If you are looking to invest in just 1 or 2 solid pairs of suspenders, aim for a mid-range of width, such as 1. Trendy and sartorially daring widths fall in the 0. Some will argue that both clips and buttons alike are acceptable. However, we are big supporters of buttons, simply because they look cleaner and more refined. Most suits should still be equipped with interior buttons meant for suspenders. However, clips may damage the waistband of your garments over time. Most men will fasten the back of the suspenders, put their trousers on, and then afterward fasten their suspenders in the front. Others will fasten every button or clip first before putting their trousers on. Definitely, but never with clips. Suspenders also look great with both your standard tie as well as the quirkier bow tie. First of all, know that you can wear suspenders whenever you want. Just be sure that the fabric of the suspenders either match or contrast the rest of your outfit. Also, unless your destination requires a coat or blazer, feel free to rock your suspenders sans-cover. Let everyone know just how stylish you are. Finally, never wear a belt and suspenders at the same time. This GQ Style Guy explains it best: Guys who wear a belt and suspenders probably carry umbrellas on sunny days and wear more than one condom. Incorporate them into any and every outfit, and leave the belts at home. Are suspenders in style

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  1. Prior to WWI, belts were used primarily, if not only, for military uniforms as a decorative piece.

  2. We are proponents of this sartorial revivification. They look cool, fashionable and trendy on every man.

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