All ladies do it 1992 movie english. All Ladies Do It.

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All ladies do it 1992 movie english

A dark, non-sweet vanilla, very spicy and rich. A lot of fruits are listed in the topnotes togeher with coconut, but I don't really smell any of them individually. Maybe some very ripe abricots and peaches. They just give the perfume a sense of richness and lusciouness. Then comes the vanilla, resins and the spices. And how beautyfully blended they are. The effect is decadent without being edible. This is not a gourmand fragrance. If it was a dress, I think it would be a backless evening gown of bloodred, heavy velvet. Or some other fabric with a bit of heft. Very womanly, grown-up and with a bit of an edge. I can't wear a causally, it needs a certain level of dressiness imo. It can work on a summer evening, but I reach for it more in the colder season. I love, love, love this fragrance. May Violinplayah Sweet ,spicy, comforting vanilla. Really reminds me of Vanilla Fields, which I wore and loved years ago. Apr Zetamamman Wow! I've been avoiding this since I thought it would be a cheap, sweet mess. How wrong I was! Got a vintage mini and the smokieness with the vanilla is just gorgeous! And pretty brutal which I like , the incense and spices are raw and hard against the vanilla! Not at all the sweet scent I was expecting. All in all, interesting, warm, adult. Drydown the next morning is generic sweet, will now have to find out how long the good part lasts as put it on a couple of hours before bed. Anybody has compared vintage against new? Apr rachelxo I was looking to try a classic scent on a budget so I did some online research I am fussy and discovered Chopard's "Casmir". I was able to purchase a big ml bottle from Amazon UK cheaply. Once delivered I loved the red box. It promised passion and warmth however on first spray I was severely disappointed. It was overwhelming and not something I'm used to with today's fragrances. I left the bottle untouched for months until once again I got the craving to search out a new to me perfume. Then I remembered that I had bought Casmir. I sprayed it once on my arm. Gave it a minute and it was rich, warm and opulent. When I smelled it again on my arm an hour or so later it was lovely. Casmir is a scent for a warm with a warm heart and strong mind. I don't think it would be so suitable for the younger lady. To sum it up I would say that this scent is a grower. A long growing relationship not a fast fling. A 90's classic and one a confident woman should have in her collection. Mar pretty mini collector What is this?! It smells like being wrapped in fluffy blanket while drinking a chai latte and eating caramels in front of a fire. Mar j'adore1 Casmir is so mouthwatering.. I'm the lucky one who gets the fruit! It's juicy apricot wrapped in vanilla, cinnamon, tonka and benzoin.. Interestingly, I don't get any coconut from it. It's warm, boozy, thick and has an oriental vibe. Casmir feels like a cozy blanket on a cold winter day. Mar stinaxt I have only smelled it from the bottle and I did get a bit on my hands and I can say it is quite a strong perfume!! It smells exactly how the title suggest, a very Cashmere vibe going on. It is a bit dated perhaps? I can't decide what I think. But if it has great longevity and projects it seems like I would be wearing it in the dead of winter, not spring which is what we are coming into where I live. Mar MixedTastes Casmir is a rich, sweet, velvety and well blended Oriental beauty. I respect it immensely. Yet I can't wear it out of the house! It's a fragrance I adore, but I don't want to smell it on myself all day. I prefer to wear it at home, when I can savour it for a few hours alone and then shower it off when it starts to cloy, which the spice and peach blend is prone to on my skin. Syrupy, stewed peaches and cinnamon initially. I also detect cardamom. In fact, I feel like I'm surrounded by Indian sweets when I wear this. The dry down is vanillic, powdery and less bold. Casmir is a very special scent. But you have to really love sugar and spice to wear this regularly. Jan makri18makri i dont know what someone could like in this perfume so heavy I am getting head thick every time I wear it. Possible this is one of those scents you like or don like no middle. Jan MissMasha First spray I get lots of coconut and it stays dominant for first two hours. Than the creamy vanilla with slightly powdery fruity notes overtake. But cononut it's still strong. It's so beautifully blended and creates a soft yet noticeable oriental aura around you. I think it would work really nicely with males skin too. I think it's worth mentioning, I have a friend who's really not into orientals and think they're too heavy, too overpowering. Well, this one he actually approved and said he'd love to smell this on a woman on a summer night Jan hjortungen Bourbon vanilla is prob the best way to put what this perfume smells like for me. Its not my cup of tea. I like'd it but it was some kind of sniff in the background I think it is the bourbon smell. I like vanilla but yeah Jan LoveChypre Beautiful bold and exotic fragrance. Not for the faint of heart. If you like orientals and chypres this may be your bag. It is a bit brash at first. One of the reviews side bourbon vanilla with hints of peaches and I think that is on the nose if you add a healthy hit of patchouli and spicy musk. This is like a warm spicy hug and I love it for crisp fall and winter days and nights! Dec socorrosouza In Brazil it has disappeared altogether, the only way i could find is buying a bottle that was on the window of a shop, fully exposed to the sun, dirty, without box. I bought it blind and, amazingly, since it was very old many years it was still ok. And my usual peach anosmia doesn't apply to it. And strangely enough it comes at record low prices. I found mine on Amazon UK, came in box without plastic wrap but intact, brand new and the smell is exactly what I remembered since back when it was launched. Dec Mona Lygre It's a lovely perfume, but to smelly for me, I had it, but gave it to my mother, it very ok for her ; Dec Miss Artemisia I would never known I actually like sweet vanilla fragrances if I didn't try Casmir I can't remember out of curiosity or boredom. I was a die hard straight-forward, no-nonsense, no frills chypre girl. However, Casmir was a magnificent introduction to a sweeter and softer approach to life. It was long time ago. I shall revisit this gem again. I loved it, but never repurchased when it's finished. Today I love my sweet oriental fragrances thanks to Casmir, a true masterpiece of vanilla oriented orientals Warm, cosy, chic, luxurious and intoxicating Dec amanda7 I was looking forward to this but after trying a sample I must say that it is not for me. All ladies do it 1992 movie english

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  1. I've been avoiding this since I thought it would be a cheap, sweet mess. I also detect cardamom. It's juicy apricot wrapped in vanilla, cinnamon, tonka and benzoin..

  2. You know, this is just good fun. Possible this is one of those scents you like or don like no middle. If you like sweet friut and spicy fragrances go for it.

  3. Because I'll never go through my collection in this lifetime, I don't normally consider buying a backup, but considering this is discontinued and getting harder to find, I just might have to. It is a bit brash at first. Nov Ohhellozippy blast from the past..

  4. The set will contain a newly remastered 2K restoration from a new 4K scan, as well as a number of new special features including commentaries and featurettes. I respect it immensely.

  5. September Filming locations[ edit ] Although Barker's short story is set in his native Liverpool , Rose decided "that the film would be much better done in the U. Once delivered I loved the red box. Apr rachelxo I was looking to try a classic scent on a budget so I did some online research I am fussy and discovered Chopard's "Casmir".

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