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Several arrested in undercover raid at adult bookstore

Adult bookstore videos

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  1. The crime happened just before 1 a. We went to dinner and she was allowed to wear her coat until we sat down, the restaurant was a little hole in the wall Italian place where the only internal lighting was in the kitchen everything else was candles on the tables.

  2. The crime happened just before 1 a. Semester bus passes are available in the Wallace Campus Bookstore.

  3. Please direct any questions to the Wallace Campus Bookstore. Good for me the challenge had been issued.

  4. Anyone with information was urged to call Garden Grove police at Tina is my ex-girlfriend. The crime happened just before 1 a.

  5. Students must contact Wiregrass Transit Authority at extension 1 to schedule pickup times. Doesn't happen often, but worth it when it does.

  6. All week I thought about it and had the evening all planned out. As the days ticked on she kept telling me the nastier the better she was feeling like being a total slut on Friday, work had been bothering her and she wanted to blow off some steam. Police said two suspects, one of them armed with a gun, walked into the adult bookstore and demanded money from the clerk.

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