20 things i love to do. 30 Things To Do When Visiting Santiago, Chile.

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20 things i love to do

Skiing and Snowboarding How many capital cities are located just an hour away from a variety of ski resorts? Lucky for you Santiago is, you can hit the slopes at, Valle Nevado, El Colorado or La Parva, all within an hour and a half from the city. There are companies that will organize the whole trip for you, including clothing rental, if needed. Puente Cal y Canto. If you like local fruit and vegetable markets head across the street to check out La Vega Central , the biggest market in Chile. Sample a classic Chilean drink, like a terremoto at La Piojera , or a pisco sour. The terremoto earthquake is a Santiago staple that every traveler is encouraged to try. Make sure to mix well and you will walk out feeling like a tremor just hit you. You do have to be careful however, as quality can vary, so check the reviews. Also note that Chilean sushi often comes with cream cheese queso Filadelfia or queso crema although it can be requested sin without. Eat Helado Chileans love ice cream and Santiago is filled with heladerias ice cream shops , many make their own, so lookout for Helados Artesanales for your best quality! On any sunny afternoon year-round, around lunch time, you will see tons of Chileans walking around eating an ice cream. If you want something cool and refreshing without as many calories, look for Helados de Fruta, fruit flavors made without cream. Check out Emporio La Rosa , they are often listed as the best ice cream in Santiago and sometimes one of the top ice cream parlors in the world, they have some very unique flavors like rose water and black pepper. Their location in Lastarria is great for walking around the park and enjoying your ice cream, but they have several locations around town. Most museums close between pm. If you walk a few blocks south you can also visit the Planetarium at the University of Santiago. Parque Forestal in the Summer Walking along the shaded pedestrian pathways is a nice break from the busy sidewalks of Santiago and a great place to stop and rest during your explorations of Santiago Centro. In addition every Sunday the streets here along the Mapocho River are closed from 9am until 2pm for cycling, running and any non-motorized traffic. This area is also generally along any organized race route in Santiago and additionally there are many events held on the lawns or streets in front of Museo Bellas Artes, so, if you see things being closed off, stick around and enjoy the upcoming activities. If you need a coffee pick me up stop into Colmado Coffee and Bakery. There are also a variety of clothing shops including several independent designers. Jaguar taking a siesta at Buin Zoo You can check out the National Zoo in Bellavista or the accompanying Parque Metropolitano , which is massive and is full of hiking paths, gardens and pools. Take the family out of the city for a day at the Buin Zoo , or Granjaventura for some interactive farm fun. Or head to Parque Arauco where you can play video games or go bowling after eating at one of the restaurants. For fish-lovers check out the Aquarium , and if your kids are in love with the stars, take them to the Planetarium. Note there is a separate admission charge for each museum but Museo Bellas Artes is free on Sundays. Another great Art Museum is Museo Ralli. With free admission, although one of the smaller museums you may visit in Chile, it could quickly become your favorite. The museum hosts modern art from all over Ibero-America and has works that may really impress you. If you visit during the last days of October look out for Dia del Muertes tours and activities. Free Indoor and Outdoor Art Exhibits! In addition to the various monuments, sculptures and art displayed around the city, there are some permanent, and free to visit, outdoor art exhibitions in Santiago. You will find this tranquil park, with about 30 sculptures made by Chilean artists, situated along the banks of the Mapocho River. They often hold free concerts in the park in summer months January-March. Nearby there is also La Pastora , and open-air museum in Las Condes. These murals cover the entire end of the apartment buildings and are a hidden gem in Santiago! If you are looking for a night out you can choose from many different styles of bars and discotecas to dance the night away in, and an assortment of different restaurants. Baquedano or Bellas Artes. There is some great architecture here and awesome sculptures all around, in it included a series of painted horses down the main drag, Apoquindo, and currently there are painted benches that provide a pretty place to rest during your walk. This is also the location of the Costanera Center shopping mall and of course the Costanera Torre which is now the tallest building in South America and set to open to the public in If you want to head towards the mall just spot the enormous tower in the sky and walk towards it. Tobalaba or El Golf. Wine Chile is known for a lot of things and wine is top of the list. Most people have tried some Chilean wines but many are unaware of just how many vineyards there are in Chile and how many are so close to Santiago. Every winery offers a different experience so if you like wine, try to visit a few to get a good feel for the wine-making here in Chile. Note, if you want to do a tasting you need to book it in advance. If you want to buy some bottles to bring home as gifts check out the Santiago Wine Club in Lastarria, they carry a unique selection of local wines. Beer Chile has not historically been known for their beer, but now the number of Chilean microbrews continues to grow each year. With a history of German settlers, especially in the South of Chile , there is a growing interests in making quality beers. There are some breweries in and around the Santiago area and you can now visit several of them for tours and tastings. Szot Microbrewery is located just outside of Santiago and is open for tours most Saturdays. Other local Chilean beers to look out for are Kross , Rothhammer and Prima. You can also find many of these and other local options at your local supermarket, Jumbo and Unimarc tend to have the biggest selections, so take some home and share your favorites with your friends. Some are easily accessible by public transportation and others by local buses. Alternatively you can rent a car and plan your own adventure. If you like pottery and arts and crafts then head out to the town of Pomaire where you can see the local artisans at work making their crafts. Closed Door Restaurants Chile has a growing culinary scene including several closed door dining options, pop up dinners, or local restaurants with a set tasting menu. These are a great way to get to know local Chilean favorites and see what new things Chilean chefs are doing with local ingredients. The locations and menu are often changing so check with the host if you have specific dining needs. Make sure to book in advance as they have limited availability and often fill up quickly, or follow their social media pages for last minute openings. Do a Walking or Biking Tour of Santiago Nothing helps you discover a city like walking around and seeing it from the view of a local. There are a lot of different city tours you can take depending on your interest. You can do your own walking tour, either download one onto your smartphone or grab your map and follow one like our Central Barrios walking tour , or you can also just wander around with or without your travel guide and discover the secrets of the city as you go. A lot of hostels or hotels can book these for you, and they are usually offered every day, just ask at the front desk. Or you can do part of it yourself and part of it with a company with the hop-on, hop-off bus tour like Turistik. If you prefer a different kind of tour, one where you can pick up some new skills at the same time, Foto-Ruta has a couple photography tours where you can explore a local neighborhood , with a few new friends, while practicing your photography skills at the same time. Every Sunday selected streets around Santiago are closed from 9am-2pm for biking and other outdoor activities. For bike maps and other biking information check out bicicultura. You can go on a bike tour with a company like La Bicicleta Verde or just rent of their bikes and do a self-tour at your own pace. For maps of bike paths, bike parking and general biking in Santiago information, check out bicicultura. Whitewater rafting on the Maipo river in Cajon del Maipo You can hike up Cerro Blanco in Recoleta for a different view of Santiago. If you want to do some hiking just outside the city you can visit Cajon de Maipo which has several hiking options including hiking out to the Glaciar del Morado. For an easier option closer to the Metro visit Parque Natural Aguas de Ramon , with several different hike options. There are several different places to go whitewater rafting in Cajon de Maipo , you can drive yourself or set up with a local tour company to take you out for the day. Or you can head to the beaches to swim, scuba dive, kayak or surf in the nearby Pacific Ocean. If you started early enough in the day, during the winter you could ski and surf in the same day! In addition to the other boutiques, explore the shops at Estacion Italia , a small but modern galleria of shops between Avenida Italia and Condell. If you have any comments or questions about anything on our list please feel free to email us at santiagotourist. We hope you enjoy exploring Santiago as much as we do! This story was accurate when published. Please be sure to confirm all details directly with the sites in question. 20 things i love to do

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