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50 books to read before you die

100 best books to read before you die

By Richard Lacayo Jan. Just ask our theater critic, Richard Zoglin. For the books project, Grossman and I each began by drawing up inventories of our nominees. Once we traded notes, it turned out that more than 80 of our separately chosen titles matched. Even some of the less well-known ones, like At-Swim Two Birds. We decided then that we would more or less divide the remaining slots between us. That would allow each of us to include books that the other might not have chosen. Or might not even have read. This means you, Stephen King. This project, which got underway in January, was not just a reading effort. It was a re-reading effort. It meant revisiting a lot of novels both of us had not looked into for some time. A few titles that seemed indispensable some years ago turned out on a second tasting to be, well, dispensable. It was one of the first adult novels I attempted in late adolescence. It left its treadmarks on me even then, but this time his experienced heart spoke to me differently. There were also first time discoveries. I have spent the months since then pressing it into the hands of anybody who will take it, including yours. It is now part of my personal canon. Lists like this one have two purposes. One is to instruct. The other of course is to enrage. You pathetic bourgeoise insect! How could you have left off… insert title here. We say Naked Lunch. You say Breakfast at Tiffanys. Just the opposite—bring it on. Sometimes judgment is best formed under fire. But please, no e-mails about Ulysses. 100 best books to read before you die

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  2. Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Louis de Bernieres One of the most luxurious ones you will find is at the Four Seasons. Which do you think is best?

  3. I have spent the months since then pressing it into the hands of anybody who will take it, including yours. This project, which got underway in January, was not just a reading effort. McMahon's idea to let me become these characters, because they all had unique stories and they kind of worked in conjunction with Mankind.

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